Does anyone know what the second set of shots a puppy needs Ruger is due april2 the breeder gave me his shot record and he got his first set of shots at 4weeks that included






And of course he got deworming but his second set is due april second and i dont know which ones he needs and weather i should take him to his vet or go to the farm and feed store get them and do them myself

which i have done shots on dogs myself before but the owners always were friends got the shots then came to me and i did them so i dont know which one i should do any suggestions 

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I would go to the vet.  :)  


I know people who do their own vaccines, but they are breeders and hobbyists who have had dozens of dogs.  I would not feel confident doing it myself, and most especially not with a puppy.

i have already made him an apointment for the vet on aprial 11 and i have given shots myself we lived way up in the mountains back home in wa and the nearest vet was 50 miles away so in lease it was an usal yearly exam or emergancy we would just do it ourselve cause you could just buy them at the farm and feed store but they always tell you the shots you need to give them but i already made him an appointment so he can get an exam dewmewormed  and shots thank you all for your replys


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