Hi everyone,

I want to teach Pem the Sit pretty trick. I'm trying for almost a month now and she still can't do it? Is this normal? I watched some youtube clips to find out the best way to teach her. But it isn't paying off.
I do it this way: hold out a treat for her to follow and help her up with my hands, when she's balancing I give her a couple of treats. But she can't get up ons her own and loses balance immediatly when i withdraw my hand. Sha'es also not sitting nicely on her hind paws.


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Might want to ask your vet before training the dog to do that. Corgis are prone to spinal problems.

Although some can do that trick, it's not really that good for corgis because of their long backs. Pick something else like how to wave, or spin, or bang. So many tricks, so little time! ;)

If she struggles with it I wouldn't do it. My pem can do it easily but he is a bit short in the body compared to the standard. My cardi on the other hand has a hard time with it so I don't push it. I wouldn't want to give him back troubles over a trick.

Just chiming in, it's not a training issue, it's a physical issue.  I would choose tricks (as Susan says there are so many to chose from), that take advantage of her natural instincts or inclinations, that she enjoys and that safely complement her body type.  This is not one of those tricks.....

I agree with the previous comments.
I know that 2/3 of their weight is on the front so it would take a lot for them to hold. 
Part of Wally's tricks is to "Jump" but I extend my knee to brace himself up and not fall too hard on ceramic.

I do it sitting down as well but I extend my forearm horizontal in front of me and guide him "Up" so that his front legs land on my harm and he has to stay there.   Then i praise with treats. 

He has now catched on to "Spin" which is rolling 360 on his back, but only for the left side for now.   He does not do any of his tricks unless he knows there's a reward coming.   He's a bit of a manipulator like that.    :)


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