A cougar just killed a small dog in Idaho in a fenced yard.  Witnessed by owner. 

The cougar was likely following its prey base -- deer -- which often enter towns.   If you have deer around, remember that you might have their predators also.

Consider a savvy bobcat's point of view:  you notice that a certain morsel emerges from a certain house every morning at the same time.  Not hard to figure out.  So depending on where youy live, you might want to accompany Fido into the yard first thing in the morning....

There are lots of coyotes here in urban Seattle. 

Of course, idiots texting while driving are a far more common lethal hazard.

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I saw this coyote roller at a Pet Expo.  We live in Southern California, and if we lived in a rural area instead of surburban area I think it would be usefull.  see http://coyoteroller.com/ 

We have cougars, coyotes, and the new thing here in Wenatchee is the wolves between here and Seattle. There called the south Wenatchee pack and they are everywhere. There being hit a lot in the passes between here and Seattle. I am sure ou have heard.

I think I saw some tracks in very fresh snow (30 min?) last Dec up Standup Creek.

I am visiting my parents house here in a Washington state right now and just found out that a neighbors dog was killed recently by a coyote.  The house is in a subdivision in an urban city but her house backs onto a small green belt.  My neighbors have heard the coyotes calling at night and sunbathing in the afternoons.  My parents yard is fenced in but I'm scared to let Butters out there off leash.  Also, my parents have a 6 month old spaniel puppy.  I feel so paranoid, but this is a new issue for me.  We've been considering investing in a can of bear spray to have on hand incase any one them attempt to jump the fence.  Scary!! 

Don't let Butters or the puppy out near dawn or dusk. A fence won't stop a motivated coyote, or even a fox. A human companion won't scare them off, either. We used to let our dog walk down the driveway in the morning with us to get the paper, until our coyote encounter. Dogs should not come outside at dawn, even with a person.


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