Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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Ya put them on there ;)
Such a great video!! It was really heartfelt too. I love seeing the corgis work, but seeing them interact and bond with their people is just so wonderful!
That is so cool! Thanks for letting the crew document some serious corgi work and play!
One of the things that the AP crew wanted to show was how these dogs can go from really hard workers and then become lap dogs when the work is done. They even filmed our morning ritual, I sit down at the computer and the dogs eat their food. If nobody sits with them they don't eat cause if I go out the door they think they are going to get left so if I sit and read til they are done eating, then it is time to get to work. Then they had to film all of the dogs at my feet where they sit and wait for me to head for the door and they all jump up and start the woofing. They also had an assistant taking still pictures, I have not seen them yet, she said she would send me some of the good ones

My whole family and I loved this piece. What a fabulous life you and your Corgis live. The part with Bevy & your dgt was very special. I've watched this video many times and it always puts a big smile on my face. Are there any outtakes or more videos of Bevy and crew working or just hanging out with you? Seems like I can't get enough of it. Has it already been shown on TV or is there a scheduled date?

PS That's a great mustache, Scott!

We got an email from James today and I don't think that they know what they are going to do with the rest of the clips yet. We filmed pretty much all day long, over 12 hours and then half of the next day so they have a bunch of footage. If/when they put up more you all will be the first to know about it. They also had more than one camera going most of the time. I liked how they used a lot of the camera angles from Corgi height. Makes those cows look even bigger!

The filming was great and they had ideal subjects to video! The cows did look huge.

I already forwarded the video to my family and friends. I'm certain they'll love. Thanks again.

Thanks everybody for your super comments! :)
Congrats!  What a great spot!  I love to watch those corgis herd!  I am going to go nd tell everyone to watch.  It IS awesome!!
Really enjoyed watching the video. Awesome job Bevy, you're such a pretty girl!!!!

LOL, Scott and Kathy. Soon you'll have your own reality show!


PS Your daughter is beautiful. What's her name? I loved her on the horse with Bevy sharing the saddle.


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