Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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They have our names messed up...our daughter's name is Mandy Jo, she and Bevy spend lots of time in the saddle :)  It would be awesome to have a reality show...but ranching keeps us pretty busy...  Thank you so much for your compliments AND your comments.  I'm glad you are sharing with your family and friends :)  The more this gets out the better...get people more interested in Corgis :)
Hi Kathy, I emailed James earlier this morning, unfortunately they fixed the error in the wrong order, I've emailed him again just now, they should get it fixed tomorrow, hang tight :)
Thanks so much, Sam! :)  My daughter would sure appreciate it, she loves her own name.
All names are now fixed :)
wow! amazing!

You're very welcome. Your video has given me so much joy. I love to see your Corgis doing what they were bred to do, while being very much the devoted Corgi pets when not working. Seeing Mandy Jo and Bevy together is a wonderful part of the video. Hats off to you and your cowboy, cowgirl and cowdog family!


PS Why didn't I think to attach the comment "Hats off to you..." with my gift?! I guess because I always think of good responses AFTER the moment has passed.

Me, too.  I know EXACTLY where you're coming from.  I'm so glad you enjoy watching Corgis do what they were bred to do...we SO enjoy working with them. :)


I suppose next comes the paparazzi flocking to Montana to interview the corgis.  Bevy will start wanting only the finest canned dog food, Katie will want a sequined collar, Hank and Joey will begin vying to be the corgi version of Johnny Depp. 



No worries, Gromit and Doug.  Bevy eats dry food along with everyone else...I don't like to feed canned because it's not that good for teeth.  Both Bevy and Katie have bling collars and all Hank and Joey want to do is chase COWS! ;)

Yup, if ya don't watch out, purty soon ya'all go soft, be drinkin' good whiskey -- from glasses! -- smokin' them pre-rolled cigarettes, sportin' hand-tooled leather collars, blow-dried shampoo & comb jobs down at the poodle trimmer's, engraved stainless-steel dog bowls... shucks, maybe even them sissified safety harnesses in the pickup. Dawg booties, fer goshsakes.   'Fore long, people 'spect ya ta spit in a spittoon an' not pee in the flowerbed.  It can go to yer head.  A feller can start thinkin' that his poop don't stink.   From there, it's but a short step to alcoholism, drugs, and re-hab.  Dog-goned shame.  Don't let it happen, stay true.

But hey, a little fresh raw beef in the ole dog bowl now an' agin wouldn' hurt.  You earned it.

Seanna and I loved this!!  Jackson just tilted his head alot....thank you so much for a great video!!  People wonder why I'm so crazy for my corgis, and now maybe this will give them an idea!
John, these guys prefer cheese curds or ice cream at A&W! And they will never be seen at the Poodle Palace getting their hair done, only into the big sink after a day in the muddy corrals for a rinsing and maybe a good soaping. They think that they already have the finer things in life, all kinds of room to roam, gophers to chase, four wheelers to ride on, cows to chase and they get to hang out with me!!!!


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