I took Clutch outside and he found a dead snake about 8 in. long. We did the bathroom stuff and then went to go inside and I took him off his leash and he took off for the spot with the dead snake.


A nice guy walking down the sidewalk offered to help me catch him while he ran around the yard eating this dead snake...we didn't have any luck catching him before he got all the snake down...


Now what do I do?


Should I make him puke the snake up? Should I call the vet? Anyone have this happen before?

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Probably nothing to worry about.  Over the years, my cat has eaten countless birds and chipmunks, much to my chagrin.  I agree it is kind of gross, but probably not harmful in anyway.  If so, he will likely spit it up.



Thanks David,


Actually not two minutes after I posted this he puked the snake (and breakfast) back up. I would say he may have kept it down if he had chewed it up at all but he didn't.


I feel better about it now.


So does he...:-)

I would worry more about eating the wrong kind of *live* snake.

LOL!!!! That's hilarious!

l.o.l.  he is right britt.  it could be worse.

Mine seem to think snakes are for rolling in.  Now worms... well, worms are a delicacy.  But snake is more of a perfume, if you will.

Ohhh but the dried up ones are da bomb .... worm jerky to Brody

Well, I hate to say it but Yogi has become a connoisseur of small animals. So far this year he has eaten mice, shrews, birds and even chipmunks. Unfortunately, the cat seems to be helping him by bringing the animals in the yard. Thankfully, he hasn't gotten sick from any of them. Though can I just say YUK!!!!

Dead frogs are yummy!!!! I took Jordan to the lake when he was a pup for cute corgi puppy among wildflowers pics. and ended up with this and because he was off leashe I couldn't catch him tell he gobbled it all up!!

That picture is sooo cute and funny.  Penny ate a toad once and was deathly ill...had to take the poor thing to the vet...she was fine after a couple of days on a bland diet though.


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