This has never happened before. It might be nothing, and I can't bring him to the vet every time he sneezes, but listen to this:
Al was asleep on the sofa, about 20 ft. from the kitchen, in line-of-sight. I was chopping food in the kitchen, and knocked a piece off the cutting board, and... it hit the floor. He didn't even get it on the first bounce.
He's not a puppy anymore -- 10 1/2 years old -- but he's not THAT old -- could this be serious? Am I being a hypochondriac? or should I take him in?
And he just looks sort of despondent and miserable:

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At 10.5 he is not a spring chicken and his reaction time is slowing down.  My Katie (who is now 14) started slowing down on getting things on the first throw somewhere around that time. How is his hearing?  His eyesight?  Katie is quite deaf and I know her eyesight is not as good as it use to be.  If he is looking miserable he may have some aches and pains that he can't tell you about, he could even have a tooth that is bothering him.  All us seniors both 4-legged and 2-legged start having soreness, stiffness by the time we reach that age. I know I sure do at 68.  Maybe a checkup to ease your concerns would be a good idea.  Our old guys need a little more in the way of medical care.  I know I have more checkups now than I did at 30.


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