Ever sit down and think what song could best describe your dog. I know with people we all the time say " Well that song is the story of my life" or " This is my personality".

Well how about your dog, ever sit down and think " That would fit my dog perfectly".


I have...so I'll go first.

Jazmin would best fit " Tim McGraw- Just to see you smile"

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DH came up with a new one this morning for Lilly... Stroke me, Stroke me, PETS, PETS by Billy Squires.  That's what she wants 24/7

Pop goes the Weasle.  We have a center hallway in our home, and Cooper and Luna (my daughter's dog) will chase each other around and around and around.

I've been trying to come up with Lilliput's theme song for quite a while. Would "Every Step You Take" by the Police be too creepy? It is kind of accurate.

I'm torn between TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE written by Bob Dylan and covered by everyone, and FIX YOU, by Coldplay. Both songs accurately portray the unconditional love and respect Sully has given me despite all the tragedy and disregard she was forced to accept before we met, and the complete trust and respect I have for her as well. Neither one of us is perfect for sure, but we are definitely perfect for each other. I am sure those songs ring true for many pets and their owners.


Add on to the song- Taio Cruz-Telling the world...:)

Just kind of has a ring to it as I do tell the world about her all the time...its the corgi charm


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