Ever sit down and think what song could best describe your dog. I know with people we all the time say " Well that song is the story of my life" or " This is my personality".

Well how about your dog, ever sit down and think " That would fit my dog perfectly".


I have...so I'll go first.

Jazmin would best fit " Tim McGraw- Just to see you smile"

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I'm sorry to hear that you lost one to Rainbow Bridge, my condolences.

But on a good note, you two will meet again, rest assured of this.

Rosie's song is definitely "Really Rosie" by Carol King. It is perfect for her, it matches her personality!  =)
Sadie's song would be "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. Sadie wants to play and play and play some more and never wants to stop. :)

We also sang this a lot when she was a pup...


What walks down stairs

Alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound.

A spring, a spring, its a wonderful thing

Everyone knows its TWINKIE...

That has just so many wrong ideas, I can imagine a dog slinking sideways or front over back down the stairs...rofl but can apply to Jazzy's first time down the stairs...I've never seen a dog get so much hang time in air as she did.
i know what you mean I saw Ace falll down our stairs it scared the shit out of me D:

but he landed safe in teh litter box at the bottum of the stairs =^=;; *sighs*

lol he also fell down the stairs at my friends house... >: he doesnt go head over heals he rolls sideways x.x;  he is no longer allowed to go up and down stairs unless im holding him x.x

We sing some random little tune to our dogs and change the lyrics to fit the situation.  Not sure what the tune is from.  The third line always ends up being "puppy puppy, puppy puppy puppy" because we run out of words.


Our cat, Boo, has lots of songs sung to the tune of the Winnie the Pooh ditty.  Some samples:


"Kitty the Boo, Kitty the Boo,

She's bouncy and she's pouncy and

She's Kitty the Boo."




"Kitty the Boo, Kitty the Boo,

She's sassy and she's classy and

She's Kitty the Boo."



Bingo's song was the theme to the Benny Hill show.  Katie's theme is Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (She's our enforcer) and Willie's theme was Merry Go Round Broke Down.


The best part is they all would do the happy-circle-dance when I would sing any of these songs.  I love them so much for that.

I believe the Benny Hill tune is called "Wacky Sax". That makes it sound even more appropriate for corgis!!
Yakety sax. It's my ringtone!
I'm thinking some sort of Yoko Ono song where I don't understand what the heck she's saying or why she's so intent on saying it.
Is that what Yoko is saying or your Corgi? I think I prefer Corgi singing, myself!


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