A grim day for the Olympic View Soccer Team. Just 3 days after finally getting their new ball -- they killed the old one last March -- Al is on the Disabled List with front pad blisters. They're almost 3/8" diameter, right at the front corner of the forefoot main pads, a spot folded out of sight when you look at the unopened pad. Back feet thrusters are OK except for some thin toe pads, so I think it's fast braking and turning that does this. We play on a paved surface, usually with no problem. The first day was in the rain, and so was the last time he got a great big flapper, so wet pavement might be significant. Slipping?
Gwynnie never has this problem. Is Al a tenderfoot? I think it's his ferocious style of play. He accelerates like a rocket, frantically athletic. Give Al a soccer ball, and it's frapping on speed. Gwynnie is sedate by comparison. Feeding softball passes to Gwynnie past Big Al the Ball Hog is a challenge.
I washed his pads by having him stand in a small wash basin with warm water and soap. Final cleanse with Betadine. I'll report on how fast this heals.
Note where the damage is. This is from (wet?) pavement. In the snow, it was different, he was sore on the soft skin right behind the toe pads, and I think the loose sand on the desert roads did the same last March.

If anybody has experience dressing this sort of problem in the backcountry, when you still have to walk to get out, I'd appreciate your suggestions. This is what I bought the medium Pawz for, but I wonder if they would hold a dressing in place. I have some of this sticky gauze wrap, but haven't practiced with it. I plan to try Musher's Secret also.

With their key starter on the bench, dejected fans hope that Gwynnie can fill in.
Maybe it's time for some easy obedience drills.
The team in the locker room:

Rear feet mostly OK (thin toe pads):

Front corner of front main pads blistered:

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Oh, poor Al! That looks so painful.
I would love to see a video of them playing soccer someday. I bet it is very very entertaining.
I hope Al heals very quickly, for the sake of the team ;-)
I got the Pawz for first aid situations wherein he has a sore pad from snow/sand/whatever and has to make it back to the trailhead.
Awww, poor Al!! We hope that he is better soon and giving the bad guys heck!

Algy has had blisters on the tips of his feet, but on the top rather than on the bottom. The vet says its because his feet are wonky and it's the way he drags his feet on the pavement. In response, he doesn't get to go for walks much, and if he does, he has to stay on the grass. We've used that clingy gauze wrap before on his feet. It's OK but it didn't work well for more than a few hours. Instead, we'd duct tape a sock around the paw so his foot could breathe and stay protected while he was outside. I know, not fancy or pretty, but it would stay on longer than the other stuff!

Get well soon Al!!!
Owie Owie OW! Makes me cringe to look at that. He took one for the team. Hey...if you need someone to fill in Im sure LaVerne would LOVE to come off the bench. Her favorite toys are soccer balls. She is a fierce competitor!
Best of luck to you all. The picture is priceless.
Al was not limping noticeably a day or two after these lesions were noticed. Walking has not been curtailed at all. One week later, they are still visible. He's still on the DL, missed his hiking turn, no soccer.

Yay!! they are looking better!!
These are the Pawz(TM) that seem to work in snow (the lesions shown in this thread are from wet pavement, not snow or sand). I'm only planning to use them for emergencies, not routinely. We put these on at the summit for the descent. He had no problem with them and one of them stayed on all the way back to the car.

Another beautiful picture, John! I'm glad the paw covers worked out, too.

These are healed lesions I found while routinely clipping claws.  I never noticed any limping.  Maybe these sorts of lesions are routine and minimal.


Al's front.  This was a "flapper"; at the bottom of the blister, you can see where I cut part of the flap away:

Gwynnie's front; this looks like it was a considerable lesion:

These are Gwynnie's rear feet:

Poor Boy.  When one of the aussies would get these from running around the pool in summer we would use gym socks taped on with a little medical tape if they were going to go outside.  Offers a bit of protection but still breathed.  

Ouch.  When we play soccer, we usually go to a grassy field.  I know that it is getting harder to find soccer fields where dogs are allowed any where near, but maybe if you send these pictures to Seattle Parks they may reconsider.  They do allow parents and teenagers at these fields ( who in my opinion leaves the bigger mess). Tennis courts are great for playing ball and soccer. Pavement is usually smoother and that net in the middle makes them think a little.

Austin loves to chase sea gulls at the beach, however. Those pebbles and barnacles cut up his feet and he will not want to walk on pavement for a couple of days afterwards.  I have used that sticky gauzy wrap to wrap his feet (over regular gauze first) and now carry that in my pack when we hike.


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