She looks like a pem to me but at 25 dollars I hope she goes to a good home .

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Looks like a Pembroke to me too. Here's the petfinder link

Hi Folks... I notified my son's wife in Marietta. She is a rescue volunteer and treasurer for Collie Concern Rescue Organization. She also owns a Corgi and Collie and is a member of MyCorgi. She called the shelter and is on the way to check on him and see if they can pick him up as a rescue dog. Greg Z.
Awsome! If I wasnt going on Vaction in 3 weeks and still getting Torai grown up I would love to have picked her up an brought her home I just know now would not be fair to her. Could you keep me updated I would love to hear what happens to her.
I'm actually President of Collie Concern. ;) I got promoted in April when we did our annual paperwork.

I was not able to get there on Friday because I had to pick up a collie from the vet in Knoxville by 6pm (it was already 1 by the time I saw her), but I did call the shelter. They said she is safe for the weekend, so I am going to go down first thing tomorrow morning and get her, if she hasn't been adopted yet. I agree that she looks like a Pem, but I guess we'll see for sure tomorrow.

After I get home from the shelter, I need to take my collie to the vet (the groomer broke her ankle, and her cast is worn down at the bottom, so she is walking funny), but I'll definitely update as soon as I get a chance.
Awsome, yes I posted this on The Daily Corgi on Facebook on Friday & the person who runs that called and said she was going to the Humane Society so you wouldnt be put down. Nicole I hope you get her, keep us posted
We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed! Please let us know if she get her!
Hey folks.... Nicole called me to update the status. She picked up the corgi from the shelter this morning and Collieconcern.Org will be hosting her as a courtesy rescue. The information from the shelter was that she had one litter of puppies from a breeder and she could no longer have any litters, so they surrendered her to the shelter. She seems to be in good health, and Nicole will get her to the rescue's vet for a checkup and spaying. There is a Corgi rescue organization in Alabama that will also post her on their site and possibly take her in eventually but Nicole will foster her for the time being. With her, they will now have 3 of their own dogs, 2 foster collies, and now the corgi. Nicole will post future updates on her status. Thanks to Michaela for making us aware of her plight, and to Nicole and CollieConcern.Org for stepping up to help find her forever home. GZ
Excellent new Greg, thank you Michaela and Nicole!
Im so happy to hear this thanks for the update!

Here are some better pictures of Zoe. Collie Concern has had her listed, and I've also contacted the rescue person at the Atlanta chapter of the PWCCA, and they have agreed to take her in.
Oh goodness what a beautiful face! I hope she can find a loving forever home!!!


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