Strange/Rude Things You Hear While Walking the Corgi(s)?

While out walking the dogs with my boyfriend's sister, the guy on the corner was out on his front lawn, and was clearly drunk. "Out walkin' the puppies, huh?" He slurred at us. We smiled and replied, "Yup." He was like "That sucks." 

... what the... O=

Wasn't expecting that response at all LOL. I just replied with "That's alright, we like to go walking." and walked on as briskly as possible. It may have taken me a few extra seconds to respond, because I was so shocked someone would say that to some people who are clearly out enjoying their walk. Sigh... oh, those drunks... =u.u;=

Anyone else heard any offensive, crazy, or unexpected things while out walking with your dog(s)?

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Ya while walking my dog once I got stopped by a random young man who asked me how much I paid for my dog.  o_O

I kinda didn't know how to answer the question. Except by lying and saying that I didn't know because he was given to me as a give. The question caught me pretty off guard, that's not something you go around asking ppl. 

I think that is sort of scary.  In Atlanta, people steal little purse dogs and resell them.  I hope corgis don't ever get that popular!

That would have to be a small piece of luggage to steal a Corgi.  How fast can someone run with an additional 30 lbs in a sack.  Plus you would be able to hear them a mile away!

OMG I had a guy offer to give me $1,000 for Shippo when I was playing fetch in my mom's yard once. I actually laughed at him pretty loudly... till I realized he was serious. Then I was like "ohhh you're serious. I thought you were joking! Sorry, not for sale." And went back to my game of fetch. Creeepyyyy...

Yuuup! Was called a "stupid B" and totally lectered for letting my friends dog pee by someones front yard while walking him. & this guy was just trying to get into his car. there are def. non-dog lovers around here.

There is this guy I have ran into at least 6-7 times on my walks over the past 2 years and EVERY time he sees Franklin he will stop and watch him running and playing and having fun, then he asks me if he is neutered. EVERY TIME. I'm not sure what his fascination with Franklin's sexual status is... now when I see him I am prepared for the question and just kind laugh.

Another time Franklin and I were walking by my house which is kind of an unspoken off leash area (even law enforcement doesn't care and will call your dog over to pet and play with it) and I had a lady yell at me that dogs are supposed to be on leash. She was VERY rude and the thing that got me was that Franklin was walaking at a perfect heel at the time. Several dogs had walked by ON leash barking their brains out and walking on 2 legs pulling so hard, but she decided to yell at ME with the one well behaved dog. I just completely ignored her and kept on walking.

I've also been asked several times how  much I paid for him. I usually get a lot of positive responses from people walking though. Many people will call from a distance to say how cute my dogs are or how much they love corgis and go out of their way to come over and meet them. I'll put up with the occassional rude comment in exchange for all the happy ones I get :-)

I can definately relate with the leash comment.  Our current (but not for much longer :-) !) neighbor has yelled at me to put her on leash on her own property.  Scout has left the property on one occasion to go try to play with some people who were running down the street and she stopped pretty soon after I called her.  Then I got yelled at horribly.

Oh well, the neighbor isn't mentally all there anyway (my excuse for all her rude behavior)

The positive comments make it worth it for us as well!

"He looks like he's getting kind of fat"  Wow, really?  Well your wig is crooked!

I used to get that all of the time with Aber, who has always been a huskeroo.  And a hater of all exercise.  The worst thing was people would comment on his substantial frame, joke about how he must eat well (nope, green beans and 1/2 cup of food a day, poor guy), then tell me I was mean for taking him out for a walk because of his black coat!    Can't win with some people.

And I once had a guy yell out of his screen door at me that my dog "better not be s***ing on my lawn!"   Aber was rolling around on his back at the time, under the only shady tree for a block or two.   I said "Yes, he loves to **** when he's upside down" and waved my poo baggies at him. 

should've told him " No, but I was thinking about it myself!".

I've totally let this slip out of my mouth without thinking.

I saw a husky corgi and I immediately said, "Awwww! He's so faaaaaat" and then I was like, oh god, I said that. ARGH.


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