this weekend has been scary for both baden and I. there was a corgi meet up in San Francisco so we headed down there on Saturday and i noticed baden was happy but acting really sluggish and was marking everything he could. there was a point where he wanted to play fetch but he ended up just laying down which is not like him at all. then thats when he marked again i noticed the blood in his urine.

headed back to the car on the phone with my vet and said to bring him in immediately. when i brought him in even his vet knew he wasnt feeling well as hes usually very chipper. so the tests confirmed he has struvite crystals in his urine and is put on a special diet for a few weeks and then its back to more testing. if the tests come back great then i can put him back on his regular food but if not then this will be a long term dog food.

all this happened just recently after i switched him from natures logic (got too expensive) to orijen. she said to not feed him orijen because of how high the protein is and is making his urine not acidic enough to break down the crystals.

has anyone had this experience with orijen? its such a top rated food i am a little shocked.

if he does not have to be on prescription food for the rest of his life is there a better kibble or canned food you can recommend?

after reading a few articles online im concerned as some say go low protein while others say go high protein so insight would be great so i calm my nerves lol

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good suggestion because a second opinion is always a good option! normally i would but everything was covered under banfeild. if he was to be put up for surgery i defiantly would of because i dont want him going under the knife if he does not have to

My Ein had the same issue with crystals. It took over a month on the special food to get her body back on track. At the vet's suggestion, I switched from raw to kibble (we do First Mate). No issues since and it has been a couple years! Some dogs don't do as well on the raw diet, my ein is one of them.


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