Al is stuck to the basement floor!  Some Super Glue dripped from a workbench project, he stepped in it, and -- just like the label says -- it bonds skin instantly!  His left front pad is stuck to the bare concrete floor.  

He's panicking (I'm panicking).  I gave him a water bowl, but he can't even get out to pee.  I 'm afraid to tray to scrape him loose with a razor blade, or chisel out the floor.  I'm almost ready to call the Fire Department... but what can they do?  Do you think Poison Control could help?  Is there any kind of Super Glue solvent that is safe for skin?  

He looks so miserable:

It gets worse!  While I've been so distracted, the children -- fascinated by this emergency -- got into the Super Glue themselves, and thought it would be fun to glue Gwynnie's ears down!  I think they were inspired by my tale of my Aunt Vivian, who, as a young girl, varnished my mom's hair (really).  So now Gwynnie's ears are both stuck flat to the top of her head:

I am so angry.  I know they're just kids, and I should have been supervising better, but they should know not to play mean tricks on an animal!

Help me!

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Yes, thank you Emily, we did get your generous contribution at our Cayman Islands account.

Al & Gwynnie are still inseparable, though.

@emily & scout - he glued them! lol.

I am so gullible I thought it was true!  I kept saying "Oh, no...  That poor dog" as I was reading the story!  My husband came out to see what was wrong.  He bought it too!  I am relieved to learn it is an April Fool's Joke.  

I did wonder how John would have let that happen since he seems to be such a responsible dog lover.  Does he do this April Fool's gag every year?  This is my first April on MyCorgi.  I will be wise to him next year.

ok John you got me too, guess I am out of practice. I was going oh no, Kathy came to see and she said immediately, April Fools

I've learned my lesson, i know its April Fools Day. You got me once, not twice. We are on to you. But nice try, lol. Does Al and Gwynnie know what a prankster they have among them. Fun Fun.

Oh, i like them tho, keep em coming.

That was the only April fools joke I had this year, you almost had me!

I'm still hoping for photos of the toilet paper mess....

John, your my favorite corgi friend!:) Keep up the good work!


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