Hi everyone , i am new to the site and will be getting a corgi by next weekend. Now as for supplies i know what i need, but for some things i am not sure. I am buying everything online from petsmart.com and will be getting the following.

  • Collar
  • 6 foot leash
  • blue buffalo puppy formula
  • 2 stainless steel bowls
  • disinfectant for odours
  • few chew toys
  • treats
  • crate
  • ex. pen 
The items i am not sure about  are the ex pen, crate, collar and blue buffalo food.

As for the crate, I decided to go with a wired one.


the dimensions of the pen are  30L x 21W x 24H. I am hoping to keep this crate even when he is an adult, and use a divider so that he will not potty on one side and sleep on the other. I will probably purchase a divider from another site because petsmart has a 36 inch divider which wont fit.

Next the ex pen.I have many to choose from and i am not sure what height i need as the corgis have long bodies and i am worried of it climbing out. Please help me decide which one you think is better of the 3.




The collar is a minor problem, i just dont know what to expect the puppys neck size to be, I was thinking between 8 inches and 10.There are many collars and even customized collars which id love to get(i know he will outgrow it but they are cheaper than normal ones) but i dont know what i am going to name him, i was thinking Rebel, Jasper or Royce.The leashes mostly come in 8-12, 8-14, 10-14, 10-16. There is one which is 14 inches long, with adjustment holes and a metal buckle.


Finally the food, i might get some innova or wellness among with the divider from the other site, and the best i could find on petsmart is blue buffalo.

Please give me your thoughts, any assumptions or if you already have one of these items. I am looking to purchase the best things for my future pup.

Daniel M

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Crate - great choose, brand comes with divider and will fit for all stages of there life, i went with the I-crate model for the two door option which i like better.

Collar - if you are getting the puppy around 8 weeks, i went with a cat collar (most come with quick release which you want) , because they have such a tiny neck, from there i went to a 10"(ranged from 5-10") both of mine are pretty much grown and where about a 13" collar now.

Leash - 6 foot are great to start with for basic walks and basic training. But you will want to get a 24' nylon or retractable down the road to practice their recall command and teach them to walk off lead.

As for the Ex-pen i wouldn't know, i used a puppy gate that allows them a nice spouse area. If it were me i wouldn't got for the first two. As my girl at 3 month of age was able to jump and climb out of the first baby gate we had that was similar to the first ex-pen link. The second one looks alright. The third one has vertical bars that are spread father apart that would make it really hard for the pup to climb if it ever decided to, like the second one, but the metal one will be more durable and easier to clean if used in or outside.

Chews - Kongs and antles ( are very safe unlike rawhide and bone and long lasting) are a must in my house, bully sticks(pizzles) are great to but when they get older they go through them so fast and the cost adds up.

Dishes - stainless steel is great. but best to go with the non tip ones with rubber rim around the base so they don't slip or get pushed around. these are the ones i have and i love them. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3436969

Treats - READ READ READ some of the ingredient are just sickening now a days. some of my dogs favorites that are also lean and healthy are Pure bits, wellness jerky, rollover liver bits, apple, banana, carrots.

Toys - well that is up to you pup to find their favorite and what they like, but i will tell you one thing, make sure they have a few interactive toys, because it will be fun for them but good to their mind and mental stimulation which = a tired and well behaved dog. http://www.petsmart.com/family/index.jsp?f=Taxonomy%2FPET%2F2767084...

This one is my corgi's fav. and mine because is DURABLE http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3207050&lmd...

Food - Like treats read read read..trust your gut and go for the best you can get. I had mine on Innova puppy ( but do no feed Innova Evo line as it is very high in protein for a pup) But i have now switched them to a local adult grain free food. Wellness is good two but Innova has a more appropriate protein level (28%)


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