My corgis love to swim they will swim all summer long if I let them. But I realized something the other day both my corgis butts float. Which seemed a bit odd its only in deeper water where they have to swim. I don't think I've ever seen a dogs butt float. Just wondering if any other corgi butts do this or it my corgis are full of hot air or something. Also does your dogs get the OMG look on their face while actually swimming they love to swim but once they are off the step it seems they are wondering why they just jumped in.

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Our pool is too small for actual swimming...they act like they are in the ocean as it is. Cool that the bunny butts float, you could use them as a life preserver in a pinch lol.
haha that's hilarious! Gibson's butt does not float.. I actually have to keep my hand under his belly to keep him from sinking! lol
Kyler's Bum floats too. Somtimes when he turns in the water he actually goes under and I have to save him!
Bertie will only wade -- but Ethel loves to swim, and I call her my little submarine, with that long body and the nose as periscope. The bunny butt floats quite well! And yes, she gets that HOLY COW, my feet aren't touching anything! look on her face, too -- so at first I thought she was terrified, but then she went right back in. Sometimes when the river is too low, she'll lie down and try to lift her feet up to get that same floating sensation. funny thing, though, she hates rain!
Spanky loves to swim and he has the floating bottom its really cute because when he turns his butt will flip over and then his whole body will. Very entertaining. Spanky usually doesn't make any funny faces unless he gets water in his ears.
That sounds too cute!!! Ella dislikes water such as a bath or rain, so we haven't tried other water yet.


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