Once upon a time I was in advertising.  I still get a kick out of new taglines and commercials for products. We have all read that Corgis are like Lays Potato Chips, "You can't just have one". Today as Logan was stealing my socks then giving me his "mom's best little guy" snuggle. I started thinking about the old tagline for Sour Patch Kids, "First they are sour then they are sweet".  

Have any more product taglines that describe corgis?

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L’Oréal's    Because I’m worth it  comes to mind every time I look at my pup:)

Like the energizer bunny they keep going and going and going and going.....

Instead of Jello---"there's always room for Corgis"

Corgis make everything better!

What a fun thread! My hubby and I actually did this before just to see what we can come up with. I will check with him to see which ones I forgot. I might date myself a bit with some of my responses though. lol

Being with corgis: "The happiest place on earth" - Disneyland

Looking at dog bowls after a meal: "For virtually spotless dishes." - Cascade

While in the kitchen cooking: "Corgis, they are everywhere you want to be." - Visa

How they make you feel when leaving the house: "Don't leave home without them." - American Express

My life with corgis: "Between love and madness lies obsession." - Calvin Klein

Looking at the "sheet" of corgi fur covering everything: "Corgi Fur: The fabric of our lives" - Cotton Industry

When the corgis look in their empty food bowls: "Where's the Beef?!" - Wendy's

No need for explanation:

"Love it for life" - Dannon Yogurt

"They're Grrrrrrreat!" - Frosted Flakes

"Corgis: I'm lovin' it!" and "We love to see you smile" - Mc Donalds

"Have (Get) a corgi and smile" - Coca Cola

"got Corgis?" - Dairy industry

That's funny that you zeroed in on the Visa slogan.  My husband and I say we should have named all of the dogs Visa, because they are everywhere we want to be.  Good list!

Charmin -- Don't squeeze the corgi (b/c of their soft, fluffyness)

Bounty -- The quicker picker upper (any time we drop food on the floor)

DeBeers -- A CORGI IS FOREVER! (I love this one for all the rainbow bridge corgis)

I can't believe he/she ate the WHOLE THING! - Alka Seltzer (talk about being dated)

What a great thread!

Corgis--When you care enough to own the very best!

How do you spell relief? C-O-R-G-I

And, not really a tag line, but I always think of the little candy bars--Corgis are 'fun size'! :D

Another contribution from Calvin Klein "Nothing comes between me and my Corgi"


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