Hello All,

Indy will be by himself more during the day as I have recently had a job promotion. I know I am not the only one who works a 9-6 type of job with a corgi. How do you keep your corgi entertained while you are gone?

Luckily, I work close by, so I am able to come let him out during the day, but he is still alone for the majority of it. I leave him in the gated kitchen with ropes, a teething ring, and a Durabone, but I know he gets bored. I walk him when I can and take him to the dog park twice a week, but it's not enough.

Indy is 9 months old and still a chewer. He doesn't mess with the cabinets, but I know he will try to destroy what he can if it's left in the kitchen and I don't want him to choke on anything. I know corgis need 'tasks.' Any suggestions for 'tasks/jobs' he can do while I'm not home? 

Thank you for your suggestions! 

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I have used kongs, antlers and day care.  when i walk her in the morning brisk 20 minutes no exploring just walking - that seems to keep everything on track.  maya now has a sister dog, a cat and a border collie to play with during the day.  but since she is the youngest and most energetic, I don't want her getting to hyper or unstable around the other dogs, so she gets the extra walking and busy time occupation.


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