My corgi Brian has always had teary eyes since I got him, which tended to be off and on (especially depending on present allergens). However, his tearing started to get more consistent (every day) about a month ago when the weather really started to get cold. He now has constant tear stains, and his eyes "run" a clear tear subtance every once and a while, which I prompty wipe up with a cloth or tissue.

However, in the past week, he's started to wake up with light greenish goop in the corners of his eyes (although much more often just in his right eye). This is only after sleeping for an entire night; I haven't noticed any other eye secretions (other than the clear tearing) during his waking hours. I've checked his eyes, and they don't seem red at all, and he isn't bothered by the tearing or the goop at all. I've been thinking that it might be an infection from reading some of the other discussions, but I'd rather get some input before I take him for a costly vet visit.

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The tearing might be because of his dog food. My little one had watery eyes too when I got him, when I switched his food, the problem cleared up.

The goop could be something bad, you should take him to the vet.
I've heard that sometimes the teary eyes can be food-related, and have been meaning to switch him at some point. Right now he's on Wellness Super 5 Mix, but I was thinking of switching to Core, which I believe is grain-free. When you switched foods, was it to a grain-free that helped stop the tearing?
When I switched to no grain foods, Timmy no longer got eye "boogies" or teary eyes. Perhaps you might be dealing with a particular food allery, chicken, or lamb. Have you had him tested, regarding his allergies?

Other causes could be tear duct problems, they can get clogged or sometimes lashes can be irritating the eye. If this is something he has always had what did the vet tell you before?
I haven't had him tested or anything, and so far, he's been on (at some point or another) lamb&rice, fish, and chicken dog food formulas. Initially when I got him from the breeder, she said that most of her younger dogs had tear stains and usually with time they went away, although Brian's haven't. The vet never seemed very concerned with them, but the tearing wasn't as consistent the last time he was seen.
I switched my dog from Diamond to Wellness Super 5 puppy and his watery eyes went away.

Core is grain-free. I am switching him to that when he turns 1.
Could be allergies. Charlie has allergies and often has teary eyes. My vet also pointed out that corgis often get things in their eyes because they are so close to the ground. (dust, carpet fuzz. etc.) Where does your dog sleep? Could it be an allergy to dust in his dog bed or the carpet? If his eyes clear up after he gets up my guess would be allergies.
Might be that. He usually just sleeps in his kennel with some sheets which I usually launder every two or three weeks. But he's been sleeping there since I got him, and it's only now started to be a larger problem.
A colour change in discharge usually means an infection. He probably needs antibiotic drops to get rid of the greenish goop. He may still have allergies but allergies are usually clear. Will your vet accept phonecalls or can you talk to a vet tech and ask about the colour change. Maybe they will just prescribe some drops over the phone. Good luck!
Hmm, I hadn't thought of doing that. I have a feeling that if I were to call that they would still make me bring him in to be seen by the vet before actually prescribing any medications, but it's worth a shot. Thanks for the advice.
When we got Wilf he too had teary eyes and now hes 9 months he has only one teary eye , for some reason one cleared up. When i asked the vet about it she said it could be a that he has a problem with his tear ducts but till he is fully grown she doesnt want to look into it because like the other eye it may just clear up on its own. It doesnt seem to bother him but because he has a white face it really stands out.
Gwynnie has often had some of this. We find hot compresses work. Microwave a wet cloth, test it carefully on your lips to make sure it's not too hot (it can be unevenly heated), Press it on the eyes. I rely on Gwynnie to let me know if it's too hot.
I tried doing this as per a comment (yours, i believe!) in another thread about teary/goopy eyes. It seemed to work some, but didn't really get rid of the problem. However, I wasn't sure about frequency and how long to hold the compress on. I was doing hot compresses for about 5 days, trying to give them every 2-4 hours during the daytime, and would hold each compress over both eyes for between 2-3 minutes. I saw mild results, and the goopy seemed to lessen a little, but didn't go completely away. Is this what you usually see? And what is your frequency and length of compress (an estimate is fine!)?


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