Hello corgi enthusiasts!! 

I know turn to you for some help and guidance. Sofia is almost 4 months old and is doing great. She's such a smart puppy. So far she has learned: 

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Go "a la casita" (Spanish for go to your little house) Yeah, she's a bilingual puppy!
  • Nini and Potty (nini is pee, potty is poop)

We're working on "stay" and "roll over." She is treat-motivated and I swear Bil Jacs is like her puppy crack! She loves those treats! She's basically already potty trained, which is amazing. 

HOWEVER, her teething is terrible and we just can't seem to get her barking under control! I've tried teething rings, screeching loudly when she bits and then ignoring her for a while, holding her mouth shut...nothing seems to work. I'm hoping that when her puppy teeth fall out it will get better. But even the vet said that Sofia was biting down hard for a puppy her age and size and that I might want to consider getting extra help with the biting. She also made my best friend's son cry because she wouldn't stop biting his socks! Any suggestions?!?

Also, the barking. She doesn't bark at people or other dogs, which is great. But sometimes she'll just go on a barking rampage for no reason!! She will bark when she has to go out, which is awesome. And she'll bark when she's hungry or thirsty, which is also good. So how can I control her barking without discouraging her to bark when she needs something? How can I teach her a "house bark"? 

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ahhh... young puppy period.  LOL... how much i DO NOT miss those days.  My Momo was quite a lil terror with mouthing, biting, and nipping (mostly on me) from the time we got him (10 weeks old), til he was 5-6 months old.  Momo was sooo bad, that my body had bruises all over my legs and my back and arms and swollen puncture marks all over my legs and arms.  IF one saw me, they'd think my husband was beating and cutting me up with all the damages momo did to me in his early days. 

for BITING and BARKING, i'd suggest TIME OUTS in another room.  
anytime she puts her mouth on you WITHOUT you telling her to do so, she goes into a crate, IN ANOTHER ROOM for time out.  

Momo (now 9 months old), he hated TO BE put into time out crate as punishment, and he learned VERY VERY fast that i do not agree with his biting and barking, and only let him out after he's STOPPED barking and 3 mins of SILENCE, then he can come out.  You dont have to worry about her associating her crate as a bad thing, cuz Momo still sleeps in his crate every night, even after being put into time out for 10-20 mins.

You should teach her BITE inhibitations so she can control her BITE STRENGTH, but she should ONLY put her mouth on you, WHEN YOU TELL HER TO DO SO or when you put your hand into her mouth.

Anytime she nips at your body, pants, clothes, shoes, ANYTHING you don't want her to touch, and you tell her LEAVE IT, and she ignores and keeps going at it, then time her out for 5 mins and after she is quiet from her barking (cuz she'll most likely be angry about timeout) another 1 min or so, then you can take her out.  she'll learn fast after a few days of CONSTANT time out for nipping and biting.  If she is anything like Momo, she'll NOT WANT to be left alone.

i'd also suggest you teach her to ring a bell to go outside/potty outside.  Momo learned soon that whenever he rang the door bell it meant he gets to go outside.

Good luck! Young puppy days are tiring time, but they are darling, once you have their respect and have listened to your rules.
Yes, once she loses ALL HER baby teeth, her gnawing and biting will lessen, but you must make sure she learns to NOT BITE... by the time she is 5-6 months.  No teeth on skin, period at that age.


also, you shouldn't allow your puppy to dictate to you WHEN she wants to eat or drink.  YOU should be controlling what she eats and when she eats.  When you have her eating habit down, you can also control when she pottys... and are able to be able to tell WHEN she needs to go.  You're the parent/master, you should be controlling WHAT HAPPENS in your home with her.  You know what is BEST FOR HER. 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!! :-) All of this information really, really helps!! I will try the time out technique for sure! 

Time outs worked the best for us. Heck my dogs are 3 and 4 and I can still threaten them with the dreaded "do you need a time out?!"

However, I would not suggest using his crate as a place for time out. You want their crate to be happy place and some dogs WILL associate it with punishment and start to hate it. We used the laundry room for our time-out space, but you could easily just babygate a bathroom or something.


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