Darby's dad just called and said that Darb whined when he picked him up.  Happened a few times before, but not for awhile.  Doesn't seem to be having any problem walking or running, or even jumping on and off the bed.  Anyone have this happen to their furkids?

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How is he being picked up?  My Corgis don't like to be picked up with your hands under their front legs.  I was so used to picking up our cats like that, but the dogs NO WAY!!

My Bingley had sore legs all last summer.  When he stood up after sleeping, he looked like a dog of 15 years.  He would take a few minutes to get up and get going.  His vet examined him, took X-rays, and found it was only growing pains.   Now, Bingley has no troubles. 

Maybe Darby has growing pains too?  How old is Darby?  

Ginger does that sometimes when I pick her up behind her front legs.  I think sometimes I just grab her wrong (or she just doesn't want to be picked up.  She learned early that if she sounds like you're killing her you'll leave her alone so she fakes it).  Now that she's getting bigger I try not to pick her up like that because it's gotta be hard on her little legs and back. 


i think pretty much all of our Corgis have disliked ( and often yelped ) when picked up around their chests.  I always put one hand under their butts.

Eddie whines or yalps whenever someone tries to pick him up under the armpits a certain way. I've gotten into the habit of using both hands-- one under his ribs, the other supporting his rump area. This distributes his weight and supports his long body much better, and doesn't cause him any pain.
Hi Shawna, are you using a harness / gentle leader of some sort by any chance? Some of those designs are so poor that they can cause unwanted chaffing / bloody armpits.
I was at first, but switched to a collar because I was worried about chaffing, like you said. He still yelps though, if he's picked up wrong. I think another part of it could be because he has a small umbilical hernia, so I'm always careful to remind others about it when they pick him up. I can't wait to get that fixed as soon as possible; it scares me to think it might get bigger or cause him pain.

exactly... the one i was using left two sores under each front leg, by the time i checked

i had to stop using it

Thanks for all the replies.  His Dad is having fits.  He knows something serious is wrong.  It's just so weird.  He is eating fine, walking fine and is drinking water (everything that way is normal).  The 3 of us (Darb, Cos and me) pretty much just got up, so I'm keeping on eye on him. 

Will keep you all posted as things change.

Thanks again.

I definitely only pick Kota up by putting one arm between his back legs and the other under his chest area to distribute the weight and it doesn't stretch any areas. I never lift him from under his shoulders or hips or only around the ribs.


I would definitely make sure that people are picking him up a certain way so that it puts the least amount of strain on him.  Serious injuries and pain can be caused by improper lifting techniques.


Kota yelps sometimes when i try to move him around wrong on the bed or when he is laying on me. He was having some problems with his rear... Like kind of limping, bunny hopping, and difficulties getting up from laying down etc. He is not having many problems lately except sometimes being a little wary while trying to get up after laying down, especially on not so sturdy/firm areas.

Well whatever was wrong with Darb last week, got better and went away as fast as it came on.  Jim and I are thinking maybe he got into something he wasn't suppose to.  But like I said, he is back to being his normal self -  what a relief!!


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