I was "inspired" by Shannon's blog and decided to compile a list of things my corgis have destroyed over the years, feel free to post pics and share your stories. We all need a good laugh :)



  1. Half a tub of drywall spackle
  2. 4 inches of baseboard
  3. licked a 3 inch hole in the kitchen wall (thru the crate)
  4. Three wooden baby gates
  5. Couple of pens
  6. A pair of chopsticks
  7. A Clicker
  8. A pair of Oakley's Clogs
  9. A pair of Teva Sandals
  10. Two Ps2 controller cord
  11. One Dance Dance Revolution Pad
  12. One Frisbee
  13. One Rattan Pet bed
  14. One RC Ferrari
  15. One Furminator Handle 
  16. One Sheepskin Rug (aspiring herding dog)
  17. One tennis ball (took 6 years)
  18. A dozen softoys


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A bottle of muscle rub.  It must've made the tongue numb.

Many of our DVD and game disc cases have Sidney's tooth marks.

He's managed to destroy a few cd cases and actual cds.


I don't know what it is with him and hard plastic!

We've been lucky with Ginger.  She mostly just destroys her own stuff, but she's gotten to some people stuff too.


1.  Laptop cord (can't believe she didn't get shocked because when the hubby picked up the cord it sparked)

2.  Numerous pairs of socks

3.  The shoe laces on my winter boots

4.  The rocker on the rocking chair

5.  Several towels

6.  3 tennis balls (her favorite activity is to pull all of the fuzz off of them)

7.  Numerous stuffed toys and squeakers

8.  A pair of leggings (little holes all over from her little puppy teeth)

9.  Numerous articles of mail

One windowsill.


More tennis balls than I can count (they pull the fuzz off them, then eat holes in the rubber.


A pair of winter boots.


One pair of underwear.


A few pairs of shoes.


Quite a few things thieved from the garbage can.


Every "indestructible" toy on the market, including red and black Kongs, deer antlers, hard smooth rubber balls.  


Most of our stuff has been spared, after puppyhood was over.

 half a dozen pair of under wear

two pair of lounge capris

a couple watercolor brushes (with help from the cat arrg)

blue tooth charger cord

corner of the couch

many toys ( I stopped buying them) 

quit a few socks 

a hole in the carpet

a bathroom rug

a few dish rags

 And she is only one!!   Why?? do we put up with this?  Cause they are so dang cute! Thats why. HA HA

Edison has destroyed surprisingly little, possibly because we watched him like a hawk while he was a puppy, squelching most destructive behaviors even while the jaws were closing.  However, he has managed to destroy the following behind our backs:


1.Numerous soft toys, including a stuffed cow which we thought would be just adorable for a herding dog.  It was headless within a month. 

2. Part of the electric cord to my sewing machine. 

3. One pair of cargo pants with a chicken treat in the pocket. 

4. An entire half-pound bag of assorted dog treats which we foolishly left alone in the car with him.  We returned to a very round-bellied dog and a torn plastic bag smelling of puppy spit! 


I have a *very* good boy! The round tum full of treats reminds me of my Dad's whippet "Bandit" who stole a fresh loaf of bread :)

Bugsy's hit list is: a large hole in his own crate bed - guess he was done with it. He loves his new one! Also one larger plush toy which had a squeaker that was harder to get at. So the toy had to be drawn & quartered until the squeaker was removed. That toy lasted less than an hour. Laptop cord only slightly damaged (everything was tacked up during 'baby-proofing"). One pair of my shoes, various lace ends... cardboard & paperboard packaging. That seems to be what he loves to shred best. And dryer lint - since it mainly consists of his own fur.

Like Edison, he has a little plush squeaky cow, but its just slobber-crusted.

oh wait - Bugsy loves wooden clothes pins. The snow got deep enough to where he could reach my (folded up, umbrella type) clothesline. It was like he was picking fruit off a tree. All the clothes pins were scattered around the porch.

Yes, even when they're naugthy so they're so dang cute!

Po loves plastic clothes pegs. Have to be very vigilant with him. He would be in heaven if he could reach the clothesline. He'd consider Bugsy very lucky indeed :)
Frickin SHOES.

Hum, where to start, where to start?  With a house full of cardigans and a few assorted misfits we've had our share of destruction:

X Wing Fighter

2 Boyds Bears-Moose gutted

2 build-a-bears eyes removed

4 pairs of flip flops(just this last year!)

Untold crate mats and beds

Toys-I have a graveyard in my front room as we speak

Folding canvas chair

5 wading pools

1 live turkey

1 skunk(managed to not get sprayed)

several flats of impatiens and geraniums

1 controller for sleep comfort bed

My favorite pair of Munro shoes

Tupperware-enough to fill the White House kitchen

Pictoral American History Book

2 brushes

2 show leads

2 braided obedience leads

4 soft sided crates

1 load homemade bread and the jar of peanut butter to go with it.

the audio cord to the computer's speakers(still haven't replaced it 2 years later)

One dog has eaten 5 collars


I could go on and on.....

Tennis balls.

Many, many paper towels, napkins, and a few rolls of toilet paper.

Numerous plush squeaky toys.

A stress reliever foam ball.

A pair of my glasses.


Ruby has destroyed


5 dog harness

2 collars

1 normal lead

1 extending lead

gutted and beheaded every furry toy

emptied the rubbish bin (many times)

chewed an antique bookcase

chewed several pairs of shoes

with the help of her pussy cat friends she's chewed numerous pens taken from my desk

and the worst thing was she got hold of my medication and chewed the box up and managed to get hold of one of the pills (expensive trip to the vets)


I've only had her since last September but I love her to bits and would not part with her.



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