My Sophie has a weird fascination with the vacuum cleaner. She trys to attack it, and sometimes she gets ahold of the front corner of it and trys to do what I call, "the shake and kill." She barks and barks at it. I don't understand it. It's not like I traumatize her with it or anything. So my question is does your corgi have issues with the vacuum cleaner?

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Our Pembroke just runs to another room when we vacuum, but my corgi mix will run up and attack it! He tries to bite the front of it. Like you, Bruce has never been "attacked" by the vacuum, as long as we have had him. It sometimes makes me laugh, how my brave old man is protecting me from the vicious monster!
Harry throws a fit. Even if I use the dustbuster he loses it! he barks and chases it...all angry like. It's insane. Even when he sees me take it out of the closet...before I even turn it on he starts barking what we like to call his big boy really is a site.
No issues with us, but when my dogs were pups and they wanted to jump in and "get" the vacuum, I stepped in and said "uh ahh!". One of the rules is to ignore the vacuum, and they do that very well, but I started this because I've seen what happens when people think it's funny when little pups go after it. It turns into a very difficult job! Elvis doesn't care for it at all, and will leave the area I'm vacuuming, while Junebug is so relaxed I sometimes have to ask her to move!
A loud moving machine might scare you too if you were only 13" tall! You can associate the vacuum cleaner (or any other thing that makes loud noise like a hairdryer) with positive things by tossing the dogs treats when they are quiet around the vacuum while it is off. Then when they don't care about it being around (leave it in the common area so they get used to it) move it around and toss them treats for being quiet. Then when they don't care about that - move on to having it on NOT MOVING and tossing treats to them for being quiet. Then when that isn't a big deal go to moving slightly with it on and tossing treats.

Doing this in baby steps will result in success. If your dogs start failing you need to take some steps backwards and get them used to the previous level again.
this is good. I will try it. Nala barks and runs around the vacuum.
Our vacuum nozzles are all full of tooth marks. The dogs must be outside or crated to get any cleaning done. Nothing makes them more ferocious. They go completely berserk.
Gwynn ran off at night once, before I fenced the yard. We had no idea where she was. After 15 min., amid growing panic, eureka! I ran into the basement, leaving the door open, and turned on the shop-vac. In 18.2 sec., she had her teeth sunk into the nozzle.
Duncan hates the vacuum. I had to teach him to leave it, or he would attack everytime. He also hates the lawn mower, the wheelbarrow, the paper shedder....hmmm, have I left anything out?
Bear hates the vacuum, we just put him outside. Hates and attacks the shredder. I think something about the pitch they make bothers him.
I love my roomba ^-^ I use it at least twice a week and Pooka mostly ignores it (since I made sure to use it since she was young, when she was afraid of it), but still runs off if it comes "at her". If its about to hit one of her toys, she'll run and rescue it. If she's feeling playful, she'll bark at it and nip at it a bit, often bumping it, making it turn.

I think Roombas are great for corgis, always comes back FULL OF HAIR! (works best on non-carpet)
Me too! The Roomba is the best! I have it vacuuming the room we use most often at night -- so when we get up in the morning, it's clean, like magic! But boy is the poor thing filled with hair (and wrapped around the front wheel and the brushes and....) When I run it during the day, my guys watch it suspiciously but leave it alone.
This is a very common behavior amongst the "corgi set" Many corgis seem to be noise reactive and attain a high excitement level quite easily. It is best not to let this behavior continue as when in this mode they often continue to escalate and quite frankly can do some not very nice things. I have found that if I put my noise reactive girl on lead the behavior stops. If not I do have physical control of her to correct that behavior. This seems to be a life long issue with many and needs good supervision. If that is a difficulty for you it is best to crate them or put them in another room.
Bronwyn goes beserk with the vacuum. She barks non stop and tries to attack it. It's difficult to vacuum the house when she's running around so we've just put her in her crate and she'll settle down until the vacuum is within sight. She has issues with all kinds of vehicles too. When we bring her for walks and she sees a car passing by the street, she goes nuts! We're trying to correct this bahavoir but it tough. I'm just wondering if she feels threantened by the noise or its a territorial thing.


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