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My corgi gets very scared when there's a thunderstorm/lightning outside.  He'll go into the bathroom, and shivers quite a lot.  Is there something I can do to calm him down? 


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I bought the Thundershirt. Both my dogs are ok with it. Cosmo, now just goes to sleep, Nala just lays around, or goes to sleep too. I also have some lavender. I am afraid of thunderstorms too. But I just sit and read, or go to bed, just to show them that a Thunderstorm is not big deal (yeah right). Good luck! Hopefully you will find something.
My newest rescue as well is terrified of thunderstorms and I purchased a calming collar www.calmingcollars.com and wow it really helps alot- and when he wears the collar it actully helps my other little guy as well.. and then he goes and hides under my bed and is fine.. I am also considering the Thundershirt as well, I donot want to medicate if I dont have to rather help him with the natural calming if I can. We went through the nasty storms last week and I am glad it is over for now- not looking forward to the next one coming  but hopefully I will be better prepared.
I don't know! my boy goes into the tub! i did ask the vet and she told me that there is nothing but to take them outside so he is not trapped. It dose help some but he goes right back in the tub and it is funny when i full the tub and he jumps in. So then it becomes bath night. He forgot why he was so upset and runs around the house to get dry! "good Luck"

Check out www.petcomfortzone.com for dogs.  You plug it in an outlet and it releases phermonones!  I've never tried it but just was looking at it last night because it was on sale at the Petsmart and I thought I would plan ahead this year for upcoming storms and July 4th! 

My girl's safe place is our master walk in closet behind the clothes.  Scared me to death one day....came home from work and no aj....called, called and called....got a little frantic thought I had lost my mind only to go to the back of the house and throughly search.....Never so happy to see clothes moving around on the hangers!!! LOL  ^,,^


My two have strong reactions mostly due to a very bad hurricane we had in our area a number of years ago...lots of tornados...yuck....They have not been keen on bad weather since. :(  We just let them do what they have to do to find their comfort zone.  Mostly they pace, bark, and pant their way through it.

OK, I finally had a decent test of the Thundershirt. A storm was long enough, and didn't start in the middle of the night (when I'm a bit too lazy to get up and do the test.) So, the result........(drum roll).............it worked. Lilli was definitely quieter, hiding out in her safe spot under my bed more than running around barking madly. Still not perfect, not as effective as drugs, but I'm happy. I may combine the shirt and the drugs if we have a long, long storm, or if things get really rough.

Only one of my 3 is terrified of thunder. The others get sort of vigilant but not afraid. I've tried some meds that didn't work well at all so we end up just holding on to the trembling boy Oh well...


 isn't it interesting that the cats seem to ignore it?  We've had a lifetime of 2 or more cats at a time and I've never seen one afraid of thunder in the way that a dog will be. maybe the cats  just go hide somewhere and sleep.

On the 1st sound of thunder it's all over and they both have to get as close to me as possible. Then we are ok to ride out the storm.


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