My sweet Fawkes is 9 weeks and 3 days old. We had his first check up today and he weighs a whopping 4.13lbs! His mother was a rather small pembroke corgi (breeder said smallest he's ever seen). Fawkes is a very happy, active pup and he looks healthy, got an A-OK from the doc, but he's not weighing as much as other corgis his age. Is this just because of his momma and he'll be small like her or should we be feeding him more?

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Hi Whitney, what kind of food and how much are you feeding him? Treats?

We feed him Pruina One Puppy Mix. We put a little water in it (bc he doesn't have the patience to sit and chew up hard food yet!). We feed him per the instructions on the bag(1/2 cup), three times a day. Now does he eat it all in one setting? No. I've been sitting next to him coaxing him to eat bc if I walk off after he starts eating, he'll follow me and want to play. I just don't think his attention span is good enough to sit and eat an entire bowl.

He's not eating the entire bowl because it's too much food for him, not because he has a short attention span.  You cannot go by the guidelines on dog food bags, they are notoriously off, usually suggesting way too much.  Feed him 3 times a day and when he walks away from his bowl, pick it up and offer a bit less at his next meal, until he is eating eagerly.  Then you'll have to adjust upwards as he grows, based on how he looks/feels/acts.  You will find many past discussions on feeding puppies if you  search this forum.  Avoid a lot of treats, his stomach is little. I use Cheerios with young pups.

Thanks for the advice!! Yeah, we were clueless on how much to feed him. So we should just put a little in there (maybe half of what we're giving him?) we used to have a golden/lab and when we was a puppy he ate like crazy! And I've heard that corgis tend to eat and eat and eat, but Fawkes isn't! It's not that he isn't eating, he's just not eating like I thought a puppy should.

Oh and treats, we give him one when he's been real good and did a great job in a task, but he responds more to praise and the tiny parties I throw when he does something good. Haha.

You can start with 1/2 the amount, if he leaves it pick up and offer the same amount next meal ( he'll be hungrier ) and stay with that amount until he's eager.  When he's eager go up in quantity a little bit at the following meal and see if he eats it all eagerly, until you find what works for him.  Don't coax him to eat, he is healthy and chances are that, in time, he'll' want more food than he can have, not less...:-)   BTW  I love his natural polka dot under-ware ( in the photos you posted )

My guess is he'll be undersized if the breeder is intentionally breeding tiny corgis.

Thank you guys so much! The family we got him from just mated their corgi (mom, who is small) with a mutual friends Corgi so they could have another pup and fortunately sold the rest!

I am complete newbie at this and y'all's advice helps me a lot! I tend to over think things, too. Prewarning... ;)

And yes! His belly is my favorite part! I sent my mother a photo of him and she said, "whit!! you're already getting that dog designer panties?!"
I'm sure he's fine if the doctor gave u the ok. My Bailie is also much smaller than the average corgi. She's almost 5 months old and weighs 15 lbs. Her mother father were both small so if fawkes mom was small I'm sure its fine. Bailie even today doesn't finish a bowl in one sitting but rather grazes on it off and on thru the day


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