Well it's summer here in Oklahoma, and I have a Corgi. The temp here gets to around 90-100 degree days and it's miserable even for people. We just bought a new house with a beautiful backyard (almost an acre -- HELLO fetch games!). My question is this: Corgis get so hot so very easily, would the best thing be to shave him this summer? I've heard your Corgi's fur doesn't grow back as beautifully and he'll never look the same but I'm not willing to risk heat stroke, you know? Even our little black pit bull gets very VERY hot outside, and she has extremely short hair. Bear is shedding his winter coat (thank GOD for furminators!!!) as we speak, but even still, it's not enough. I can keep him hosed down but you all know how quickly that evaporates.

For those of you who have shaved your Corgis: were you happy or unhappy with the results? I know I sound vain in even asking, but he's just so purty :D We do all the normal things for summer such as limiting time outside (for him at least) and spraying him with the hose and placing a Corgi accessible kiddie pool outside, all the normal things. My question is solely about giving his cute butt a buzz cut. Would/have you???

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my 3 corgis are in texas and, believe me, it's "hotter than the hinges of hell" (as the locals say). We don't shave but an acquaintance does and it looks awful and sunburn is also an issue. i will admit that because of the drought here, the landscape is even dustier than usual and dirty paws and bellies are a bit of a problem. but don't shave...it changes the coat for a reall,really long time.
After thinking about shaving the belly I was wondering if that was ok? Sam??


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