**Tom is back from the vet! He had two drains put in, one for each puncture wound.  In true corgi style he is still smiling! Thank you everyone for the well wishes!!!!**

(Tom asked that I not post a photo of his wounds so as not to reveal any corgi weakness ... he also says you should have seen what that pitbull looked like after the fight haha ... sure, Tom)

So on top of Tom's anxiety of being in a new state/home, today he got attacked by an off-leash pit bull at the park.  Some guy was walking his pit bull off leash at the park and from about 30 feet in front of us the pit bull went from walking to charging straight at Tom.  It was horrifying.  I don't know how long the attack lasted but I was in a complete panic, trying to pull Tom away.  My roommate finally was able to wrench the pit bull off.  

The owner was very apologetic, but little good that did.  We took Tom to the vet immediately and he has two deep puncture wounds, one on his little leg and one on his chest area.  The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and I am taking him in tomorrow morning to have a drain put in the worser of the wounds.

Poor little guy was a champ though ... and when the offending owner came to look at Tom, Tom even kissed him on the face.  Tom is corgi-ing on, just one more story to highlight how ignorant people are that walk their dogs off-leash :(

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I am always nervous of an off-leash dog.  Some are very well trained...I could walk my wolfhounds without a leash, heck Tasha use to carry my end in her mouth and walk herself but I never took them off my one block dead end without the leash.  As much as you may trust your dog there can always be a situation that would set it off...plus people were always very nervous about my big guys.  And my big guys were the biggest scardy cats ever.

Unfortunately the area I live in has become one of the worst drug districts in my city.  We have way too many pitts and rotties and I sincerely doubt these dogs are trained in good manners.  And as dog friendly as Max is, he does not like larger dogs pouncing on him even in play.  His lip will go back and I'm not sure what he will do.  He is fine with Katie but she is the alpha dog and aftering trying to play with her when we first got her and he was strongly rebuffed he does not initiate any play with her, he waits for her to start and he is quite a big larger than her.

My first corgi was dog friendly until the rottie across the street pounced on him from behind to play.  After that he was very leary of other dogs.

Linda, Tom is exactly the same way! ... he does not like when the larger dogs make any sort of suggestion of pouncing ... he has had run ins with German Shepherds and Rottweilers in the past, and now the pit.  I think in each case the bigger dog MAY have wanted to play, but Tom's reaction set them off in the other direction.  Tom was fine when he was a puppy, and had no problem with the bigger guys in his training classes, but as these encounters happened he has definitely changed! Hope you and Max stay safe!!! 

I am so sorry! It is such a terrible feeling to see another dog being aggressive towards your own! Ill be praying for a speedy recovery!

thank you so much, Hannah!! :) 

Thanks Kristin!! I'm not sure if I would call my reaction "calm," but I did stop swearing once the dogs had been separated hahaha

Big hugs for Tom!

Thanks so much, Jenny!!! :)

How is Tommy doing today?  I hope the sweet baby is getting better and adjusting to his new life.

Hi Lois, we went to the vet yesterday and got the drains out, and Tom has done great the last two mornings! Not one peep out of him when I left for school! The only problem is still at night - last night I tried putting him in the crate in another room but after 25 minutes of straight barking, I gave in.  I don't care where he sleeps really, he just needs to quietly sleep somewhere! I can't keep sleeping on the floor with him to keep him quiet :(

I hope he does better tonight.  Maybe you two can reach the place of settling down.

thanks so much, Lois! My car wouldn't start today after school and now is at Honda lol - its just one thing after another!!!!

Praying that, TOM, will continue to heal and that nothing like this will ever happen to him again!  KEEP SMILING LIL' MAN!


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