Both of my dogs eat way too fast.  I put them both in separate areas and still they don't even chew and they cough every other whole bite.  Before the second pup came along Otto was good to go.  He would eat when he felt like it and took his time doing it.  When Otis came along Otto started to eat fast and Otis was eating slow and took his time as he was use to having to eat with about 10 other dogs.  However, Otis now eats just as fast as Otto does and for no apparent good reason.  I would like to get them back to how they once were.  Would just setting out an abundance of food do it or will they eat until they do something terribly wrong with themselves?  I'm kinda at a lost here and would not like them to carry on the way they do because sooner or later something bad can happen I'm sure.  Thank you.

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My dogs do the same. I started putting water in the dog food because it makes it soft and mushy and makes it to where it's not solid hard whole pieces going straight to there stomache. And they love it. That water makes the food break up so of there not chewing it you have no need to worry. 
One thing I tried was adding ice cubes to the food. The theory is then they have to maneuver around the cubes to get the food, thereby slowing them down. It worked with Aayla for a while, until she figured out she could just remove the ice cubes from the bowl and then continue eating at her normal crazed pace. Might be worth a try.

Dogs bolt their food naturally to keep others away from it. Try putting something fairly large and hard in their bowls, like a clean rock, that is larger than a golf ball. Shoving this around to get at their food can help. Putting lots of food out to free feed is not a good idea. With mine, this would lead to major fights and bloodshed. Continue to feed them apart from each other. Some people crate them to feed them. The wetting of food would be OK if you are worried about choking. You will have to let it soften before feeding it.

Get a dish that slows down the eating like this one on Amazon.

I got a similar one (cheaper) at a local store. I'm sure they are available in lots of pet stores as well.

I'd recommend this -- our son and daughter-in-law used it for one of their rescue dogs and it worked.

My rescue does this. I put a huge rock in his bowl, didn't help a whole heck of a lot but it did slow him down some. Tried adding water, then he just inhaled the water too which to me is more risky than him gulping his food. The chances of him aspirating water are much higher than him possibly choking on kibble. I had some success by turning his food bowl upside down. He has a bowl sort of like this  so when I turn it upside down he has to fish the food out of the thin little space along the rim. In our cats at school the slow feed bowls do nothing to actually slow them down. You can also try something like a Kong Wobbler or tug-a-jug to make them have to work for the kibble and it only releases a little at a time.

Thank you for all the responses.  Ice might be the best bet since they consider it a treat.  If that doesn't work I'll have to find a few rocks.  I tried watering their food today and it didn't seem too bad if I timed it, it would have added about 15 seconds to the feeding haha.

There are numerous bowls on market that help,my parents had this issue,they found a large stainless steel ball( relatively cheap)that they placed in their dogs bowl,it helped slow down the gulping,not sure which pet store they got it at but I'm sure it is relatively easy to find, good luck!

muffin tins work too


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