Sunny has never been given a toy before and doesn't know what to do with them. 

I have tried almost every single toy imaginable, staying in petco and trying every type of toy to see if he respond to any of them. Nothing.

I've tried a Kong, and he messes around with it for 30 seconds and then leave it alone.

I've tried squeaky toys, tug toys, balls, plushies, laser pointers, nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions on other toys to try?


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Cat nip toys? Maya freaks out for hours with a new mouse. She tosses it across the room and bats it around just like a cat. Ha! Or those toys with water bottles or crinkle noises.
Maybe try a kong with peanut butter. After getting the tasty goodness out, he will realize how fun they are? When I try to get Chewie to like a toy, I try to entice him by making excitd noises and jumping it around on the floor around me, showing him that it can be fun.

It's possible that Sunny is not yet comfortable enough to play with toys. He hasn't been with you very long, and it seems that he didn't have much reason to trust his previous situations. Shelter dogs can shut down in several ways when they get a new home, for different lengths of time.  Playing with a toy requires a dog to let down a lot of defenses that he may not be ready to let go of yet. Give him time. Playing with toys isn't really a requirement for a dog. He may just turn out to not like them.

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