Hi Corgi lover's, My 3 month old Spartan is potty trained, and knows his sit command so well he sits before i even tell him to lol. He for awhile didn't want to go fetch anything but, is now starting to and we are still working on the giving back part. I need some advise on the laydown command though. I found it difficult to get him to do it. I have tried putting the treat between his front legs. Does anyone know of any other things i can try? Thanks for all your help.

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We learned a great technique for height-challenged dogs at puppy class. Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched. Bend one knee high enough so that the pup will have to lie down to get under it. Have the pup sit on the outside of that leg, hold the treat on the inside (between your bent and outstretched leg) and the pup will have to lie down to get under your knee and get the treat. Our Brody learned this when he was about the same age as your pup. Takes a couple of times but he'll get it.
That is a great idea Julie. Thank you so much for your help.
Yep, the "bridge" technique often works. Take your time and be patient. With their little legs and how they often lay with them behind them, getting "lie down" can sometimes take a little time. You'll get it.

Another technique is called "catch your dog doing something right." It's a old training type. What you do is reward your dog when he's already laying down (lay, lie...I always get them mixed up!). Say, "good down!" and give a treat. It takes a bit longer, but they usually catch on.

Stay with it!
Brilliant! I am so glad I stumbled upon this discussion, we had all but given up teaching Kirby this command! He would get so frustrated and just look at me like "I'm already down here, what do you want?!" when we tried the "traditional" teaching method for the command of putting it between their front legs.
May I add once he seems to have a clue reinforce it by teaching him a down before receiving his meals. The corgi dinner is a high priority on their list and they are generally willing to please. You may also offer this during game play once he is solid playing fetch. Make him lay down before you throw it again. Always good to mix obedience with play time and special things.


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