Can some people give me some tips on how to train a corgi pup? Something simple like "Don't let them eat________," Thanxs!

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Be persistent, repetitive, and always use the same commands. They catch on fast, but it still takes some determination!

Positive reinforcement, not punishment.

At first, make sure they get plenty of exercise [tons of energy -- also helps to prevent restless chewing] and plenty of opportunities to go potty [use a timer if you have a hard time remembering to see if they need to go]. Potty accidents make my blood boil and it's not their fault; they are learning and it's my fault for not taking them out enough. Just my own personal experience there.

Kongs with the puppy filling or peanut butter are fantastic. A nice distraction. As are laser pointers. My pups were always like cats -- also got a bit of their energy out.

Be sure to eventually get around to the "STOP" and "STAY" commands. I had a hard time with these and Maya because she was so skiddish during our training course [the clickers terrified her and even though we chose to not use it, neighboring puppy owners would distract her with the terrifying noise] and if she would have learned these commands, there probably wouldn't have been the times where she snuck out from under the fence and wouldn't come back because "stop" and "stay" were foreign words to her [of course, my frantic "come here!" was of no help -- crazy mama and her crazy wailing].

And take a lot of pictures. Like, a ridiculous amount. The floppy ears usually don't last forever, and when one perks up and the other hasn't yet, it is the cutest thing in the world. I know that isn't a training tip, but you won't regret it. Enjoy your new pup!

Socialize - we took our pups and sat in front of the local WalMart and gave them a treat when people walked by - so they are used to strollers, wheelchairs, shopping carts, etc.  We also took clicker training and eventually they now do agility.  We take them with us whenever we're going someplace they can go.  Give them plenty of time of get used to anyting - don't push.  Enjoy!


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