Benson is good with me touching, inspecting his paws etc.his claws are never long( due to all the walking etc.), but every once in awhile he gets a ragged claw.My vets will clip for free but I would like to do it myself,that way I can do it whenever necessary, same with the pad fur,I would like to be able to clip it whenever needed, wondering if you guys have any advice that would help me and Benson be more comfortable with me doing these things(right now we are not)thanks.

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Do you have a helper? If so, the best position I have found is to keep them draped across the helper's lap, and to come perpendicularly to the nail with the grinder parallel to the floor. This is assuming that you use a dremel, and not scissors. Keep the dog busy with a smelly and soft treat in the hand of the helper, letting the dog lick and nibble around it. Ace quite likes soft cheese for this purpose.

Soak the paw in warmish water beforehand to get the nail a bit softer. This makes it easier for the dremel, but also for the dog as he'll feel slightly less vibrations coming from the contact point of dremel to nail.

For the pad fur, I usually just hold Ace on my own lap, on his back, with his head towards my tummy. I use a ladies' electric trimmer on its finest length to get the perfect cut. I do not require food distraction for this, and Ace usually ends up falling asleep.

Hi thanks for your reply,I had been trying clippers on his claws, I do however have a dremel type nail smoother I used to use on my chucky(r.i.p buddy), never thought to try it on Benson, the food distraction is probably a good idea, after all he is a corgi! as for his pad fur I do have a clipper that is for my hair, would I just clip it even with his pads?

see the FAQ

Thanks John, just read the FAQ. Will give it a go, like I said it's just the odd ragged one,be nice to just clip it and be done,wondering when your out hiking etc. do yours get ice balls in between their pads?info is good!


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