My husband and I were gifted a week at a condo near a ski resort in the next couple weeks and our dear friend Heather insists on taking Mozzie so we can turn it into the honeymoon we never really had. 

So I know to pack ALL of Mozzie's things. (Bed, toys, food, dish and such). But what would she need that I may easily forget? She's a very loving women who has had dogs before but doesn't currently. 

This is the longest we'll be away from our six month old Mozzie and I wanna make sure that he's comfortable. 


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Just in case...(and remember if you prepare nothing will happen) work out an agreement on how to handle any veterinary emergencies. Your regular vet may be willing to let her charge anything and let you pay when you return. Let your vet know who is taking care of Mozzie and of the agreement.

I would also sleep in the same pjs a couple of days and leave those so Mozzie has something that smells like you.

Marcie has great ideas, I totally agree.  Giving Mozzie something with your scent is a fantastic idea.  Make sure the petsitter has the vet's number and knows where it's located.  Also, perhaps, if she is internet savvy, have her take a look at the ASPCA poisonous plants list:  to make sure she can put toxic plants out of his reach (better yet, all plants!)  Even though she has had dogs before, a list of things he should not eat (avocados, citrus fruits, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate) just in case Mozzie "vacuums" the kitchen floor like Story does!  Don't forget leash, poopie bags, treats.  You may have so much stuff that you will probably feel like Mozzie is moving in, but he really is for a week!

How exciting, have a blast!  :)

Let Mozzie snuggle up with some towels that smell like you and your husband :)

Thank you for all the helpful ideas! 

Mozzie and I went to visit the vet and get his latest shots and made sure the doctor was on the same page with our trip. 

Also poor Mozzie has an ear infection :-( so Heather is coming over Thursday to learn how to give him his medicine. 

Thank you all again for the ideas.  

Before my husband and I went on vacation I updated the dogs' tags with my number, my husband's number, and my parent's number (they were staying with them). I also called the humane society and listed my Dad as a secondary contact, which is probably a good idea in case of emergencies anyways. Have fun!

I agree sending him with a towel or blanket so it smells like home.

 Would you feel comfortable doing a walk through of her house and yard to make sure she does not have gaps or loose fence boards that Mozzie could escape from since he will be in new surroundings.  

Have a full picture of him ready with his height weight, collar etc. Make sure your friends knows where the shelter is. 

I was at the  dog park where a person dog was sitting and decide to take the dog to the dog park. The person in my opinion was clueless.  The sitter brought a 12 year old, blind dog that had never been to the park before, not a good idea, the poor dog was terrified.



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