Lots of questions here, but it's been a while since I've had a puppy.  I am going ahead and talking to some breeders in TN (If you're one or know of one, contact me please).  I am not looking for a puppy until February-April, which gives me plenty of time to research breeders.

How much should I expect to pay for a Corgi puppy?  I have seen some in the $2,500 range that were AKC registered, had a chip installed, and several other things.  Is this the normal price range?  I am not really looking for a Corgi to show. I realize if their lineage has showdogs, they will have a better documented history, but I also know that you can get great dogs that don't have their entire lineage on paper. 

 When should I ask the breeder(s) for prices?  Any advice I can get from experienced Corgi owners/breeders is appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Heather!

I can relate to your puppy search! I will be bringing home my pup, Scout, later this month. After doing lots of research, I found the best place to start your search for a responsible breeder is at PWCCA. Here is a list of breeders who live in TN http://www.pwcca.org/memberlistaction.cfm

When looking for Scout earlier this year, I found the price range to be around $995-$1,500 , (I contacted about 10 different breeders in Southern California). The breeders that I spoke to, who charged on the lower end, did not offer micro chipping or early vaccinations, this is not always the case, as I can only speak for the ones I contacted.

I decided to go with an experienced breeder who was recommenced to me by the president of PWCCA as well as other well respected members. I will pay $1,500 for Scout. Scout has received a well puppy veterinary exam and his first vaccinations, deworming, individual CERF eye exam and will be started on heartworm preventative. He has been microchipped which also includes prepaid AKC registration. Scout's parents are both of show quality.

Hope this helps : )

Which breeder did you end up going with in SoCal, out of curiosity?

That sounds on the high side to me. Maybe prices are different per region? What I have saw in Florida and Georgia when I was looking around 2 years ago was between $800 - $1200. I really wasn't looking for a conformation prospect so maybe those are higher.

I agree, $2,500 seems very high. 

Same comments here about the price range.  Seems high.

I've communicated with a few registered breeder in Canada and USA and it was in the range of 900-1200 for a pet-home and over 2200.00$ for a Show Dog.   I would beleive that at $2500.00 it's for a show dog with contract and not a pet home.   If they insist it is not then I would ask what food comes with the dog for the next 4 years for that price.     :)

We paid $1000.00 for Wally and 50$ was returned to us after we submitted a confirmation from his neutering, as per our adopting agreement.    Therefore for 950$ it was quite fair IMO.

Would you be interested in a fluffy?  A fluffy would be cheaper even if the parents are show dogs because it can only be sold as pet quality.  If you just have your heart set on a corgi and not necessarily a puppy check with breeders to see if they are retiring any of their dogs.  I have a rescue fluffy who was returned to his breeder and I paid $325 to the rescue group of the Mayflower club.  We were so impressed with him that we asked the breeder if she was retiring any of her dogs.  We got Katie (she was a show dog) who is Max's cousin after she had her last litter at 4.  We paid absolutely nothing for Katie...she was happy for her to have a good home.

I've never heard of a fluffy.  I was actually thinking of getting two dogs so they could keep each other company when I am at work.  Can you link or explain the breed?  I try to Google fluffy puppies and get lots of Poms, Poodles, and anything with fluffy fur, haha.

Heather...a fluffy is a corgi with a long coat.  It is a genetic fault and bars them from the show ring.  Also fluffies can not be bred according to AKC standards.  My Max (avie) is a fluffy.  Take a look at the pictures on my page and you can see more pics of his coat.  Also here is a link to the PWCC showing an adult fluffy http://www.pwcca.org/fluffies.html

They have quite a following, they are beautiful dogs.  I know that my next corgi....which I pray is still a long way down the road....will be a fluffy.  The puppies are just huge fluff balls and utterly adorable.

A fluffy would do wonderfully.  Yours is beautiful, btw.  Would I just ask a breeder if they have any?

Fluffies are a hit or miss.  They can pop up in a litter at any time.  It's a recessive gene and your can't predict when it will show up in a litter.  You can ask a breeder who has a current litter if there are any fluffies, you can tell a breeder that you would be interest if one pops up in a litter.  Ask if they have had fluffies in any of their bloodlines.  You may actually wait longer for a pup till one shows up.

As for getting 2 I would wait on the 2nd pup till the first is older.  Siblings can bond closer to each other than to you.  Waiting helps the first dog bond to you and beind older actually helps in the training of the 2nd pup.

Linda, there is a genetic test for fluff-factor, so some breeders will only breed a carrier to a clear and so don't often get fluffs these days.
I paid $1000 for Jack. That was 7 years ago, but I don't think prices have gone up that much. I think the NYC/ NJ area tends to have higher prices. But I'd think $1500 would be a realistic max.

I would ask for price near the end of the first interview, and only if the breeder may have pups available in my shopping window.


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