Urinary Tract Infections with crystals in a female puppy

Hi All,

Hopefully, someone will have had some experience/suggestions for our situation.  Miss Biscuit, my 13 week old female corgi puppy has a very stubborn UTI.  Over two weeks ago, she had bloody pee (thank God I had her peeing indoors on potty pads due to bad weather; she was fine for 2 days).  Then I came home after an outing with friends and discovered bloody pee pads!  And drops/drips of blood all over.  After a close exam, I realized she must have an infection (no other signs of injury/cuts, etc.).  I took her in the next morning (not to her regular vet); they were unable to get a urine sample, but on the basis of the bleeding, put her on amoxicillin.  It helped, somewhat.  Some days she hardly had any bleeding.  After 2 full weeks on meds, still not clear!  She had a regular appt. with her regular vet yesterday.  They were able to get a sample; put her on Baytril.  Got the call today - a definite infection with crystals present. The vet is having a culture done to make sure the Baytril will knock it out.  

Any suggestions for additional assistance or prevention in the future?  I think she got this from dragging her butt on the ground while on a leash.  She is getting much better about leash walking, but still "lays down and refuses to move" occasionally.  Don't want to repeat this problem!  

Thanks, Suzanne Thomas

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She may need a special prescription diet. Ask your vet about this. There are different types of crystals that require different diets. The food can help adjust the pH balance in the urine to prevent crystals.

When the vet called today, she mentioned this as a possibility.  I think she's waiting to see the outcome of the culture and how Biscuit responds to the antibiotic.  Do you know if the pres. diet is a permanent change or just until the problem is corrected?

Thanks too for your quick response!  I really appreciate it!

My vet told me it would be permanent, but I didn't like the sound of that.  I did a lot of research and went to my health food store to see what anyone had tried.  You should know more when you find out what type of crystals it is.  If you are interested I will let you know what I have tried with Sally.  The special vet food did get her PH way down and the crystals gone, but I haven't kept her on it.

Thanks for this info.  I hate to think she'll have to be on the prescription food all her life!  If necessary, I will do it, but  hate to think she'll be stuck with this situation.  I would like to hear what you tried with Sally!  

Seanna has had problems with this her whole life.  Started about the same time.  Prepare yourself for a lifetime of problems, as that is very possible.  Most struviite crystals are from infection.  Wipe her bum with baby wipes once a day, and keep her hair trimmed down around her pee opening.  We avoid a lot of problems by doing just that.  You can also mix cranberry juice (not the watered down kind, but 100%) with her food--that will increase her fluid intake, plus the cranberry keeps the bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.  At some point you may need to put her on a special food--Seanna is on Royal Canin S/O, and loves it.  But talk to the vet first about that.  It's very possible that she some anatomic malformation that is keeping the pee from getting all out, or keeping it around the opening to the outside, so bacteria is forming.  Seanna has a little extra fold of skin around her urethra opening, and that is what causes her problems.

Good info!  I will start the "cleanup process" immediately.  I don't mind at all.  The vet did mention cranberry for dogs. . . I drink the juice myself as I've had the same problem all my life!  Do you feel that getting her spayed will help at all?  Maybe the vet can check her out when she's under anesthesia.  As for food. . . I'll see what the outcome is on the culture before switching.

Thanks so much for your reply!!

I would get her spayed, for lots of reasons- but their bulva swells when they go in to heat, and that's definitely not going to help.  If she does have an abnormality, they can fix it at the same time.  The food Seanna is on has stopped all her problems along with the trimming and wiping.  No more crystals, and her ph is down from 8 to where it should be.  I was hesitant to put her on it, but it really has worked out for her best!
Meant "vulva"... Not bulva...!

LOL!!  I figured that's what you meant!!  

Yes, I plan to spay her in early April, I don't want to take any chances!  I will specifically ask them to check for abnormalities.    It will take a few days before we have the results back on the bacterial culture and crystal type.  I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.  She has not had any bleeding today at all. . . even after play and running (I just hate to keep her cooped up and quiet all day long).  Hopefully, the new antibiotic is working!!  

Ginger has this issue last Thanksgiving.  She ended up having bladder stones that needed to be surgically removed.  She went from fine to sick in a matter of hours.  She's on prescription food for the rest of her life to keep the crystals and stones from coming back.

Poor thing!!  At least you can address her issues!  If I have to keep Biscuit on prescription food for life, I will. . . I just don't want to see her suffer.  


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