Urinary Tract Infections with crystals in a female puppy

Hi All,

Hopefully, someone will have had some experience/suggestions for our situation.  Miss Biscuit, my 13 week old female corgi puppy has a very stubborn UTI.  Over two weeks ago, she had bloody pee (thank God I had her peeing indoors on potty pads due to bad weather; she was fine for 2 days).  Then I came home after an outing with friends and discovered bloody pee pads!  And drops/drips of blood all over.  After a close exam, I realized she must have an infection (no other signs of injury/cuts, etc.).  I took her in the next morning (not to her regular vet); they were unable to get a urine sample, but on the basis of the bleeding, put her on amoxicillin.  It helped, somewhat.  Some days she hardly had any bleeding.  After 2 full weeks on meds, still not clear!  She had a regular appt. with her regular vet yesterday.  They were able to get a sample; put her on Baytril.  Got the call today - a definite infection with crystals present. The vet is having a culture done to make sure the Baytril will knock it out.  

Any suggestions for additional assistance or prevention in the future?  I think she got this from dragging her butt on the ground while on a leash.  She is getting much better about leash walking, but still "lays down and refuses to move" occasionally.  Don't want to repeat this problem!  

Thanks, Suzanne Thomas

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Ella had this problem. We put her on the prescription food until the issue went away. After that we changed to a grain free food and cut down on the treats she gets. We also bought a water bowl that has a little fountain. It keeps the water fresher and encourages her to drink more. It took care of the problem for her.  

I have her on Wellness, which has Oatmeal. . .I noticed that Blue has a line that is grain free.  Any suggestions?  I like the idea of the water bowl.   I'll check into that!!  Good suggestion!

Maddie had this and it showed up a couple weeks after taking her home. She grew up on wellness with us but like the rest of you, and with the vet visits/meds and hearing Rx diet and being on it I finally found a food she seems to not have ph issues with. We keep her trimmed and wiped, she actually comes running and flops over if you tell her "Maddie! Wipes! " she seems to appreciate it LOL

I am currently feeding Biscuit Wellness too; what food did you switch to?   I had to laugh at her response to "wipes"!!  Gotta love our Corgis!!

Our little girl had this same problem this past Fall.  Our vet put her on Prescription Diet®
c/d® Canine Urinary Tract Health...it looked like Jello flavored meat for dog. She was not allowed any treats or chews during this treatment and was on antibotics at the same time.  We found from the xrays that it was a struvite crystal the size of a grape.  After the antibiotics rounds she was suppose to be on the c/d food for the rest of her life.  I ended up changing her water bowl from plastic to metal and started giving her water from a Brita filter.  For some reason she tends to drink 4 times the amount of water now, then from the tap previous.  We have since switched her food to BLUE™ Life Protection Formula with LifeSource® Bits Small Breed Hea... or Nature's Recipe Grain Free Easy-to-Digest Dry Chicken Dog Food which she loves.


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