I found a reputable breeder really close to my area (about 45 mins) but I would have to wait until Spring to get a puppy. What did you guys do while waiting before getting your puppy? I have read 4 books, articles, already bought some things but now I am running out of things to do ^^'

How did you guys cope with the waiting? :P

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I found a good trainer here in my area that works on positive methods.
I live in a basement apartment so I dont think I would need multiple crates.
As for names, we decided to let the kid choose the name, and he went with Cooper or Tucker so in the end we chose Cooper!
I also went to two corgi meet-ups in my area (GTA Corgi)
and camera.. I needed a new smart phone so I went with the one that had the best camera xD
I also just found out that the trainer I will go with actually own Corgis too!
One Pem, and one Cardi ^^

You will need many size collars so you could pick up a cute puppy collar or 2:)

Ohhhh that is so true!


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