I am now having to walk Becca in the dark before work. Soon it will also be dark when I get home in the afternoon. Becca is timid when we walk in the dark, and honestly I'm not much better. Some acorns fell down behind us one morning and we both jumped about a foot.

I live in a relatively safe neighborhood but I have been wondering if I should take more safety measures. I always have me cell phone and a whistle with me. I have been debating getting pepper spray. Does anyone have any suggestions? Becca would hide behind me, and couldn't be counted on for protection.

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A medium sized camping lantern.  You can carry it, and then put it on the ground when you have to do pick up duty (doodie).  The battery powered ones last a long time now, or they have solar ones that can recharge during the day.  I also use a reflective leash, got it a Walmart.

How about an LED collar like this one?


You can even make your own (just because it's cool!)


Need an extra hand to carry the poop bag? This is one of those little gadgets that I just love.


I've been collar shopping on line, and it's amazing the stuff you stumble on.

I use LED collars for my bunch in winter in the dark so I can see them in the snow. They work very well and makes me feel much safer. I will try to get the kind and a pic to post. Mine are about an inch wide and they light up or blink.

I am hesitant on pepper spray (likely to hit myself) but go with an air horn. Likely to scare an animal and get noticed by neighbors. My biggest problem is getting bored doing the same loop over and over again!

I don't mind doing the same loop in the morning before work. I have it timed and know how it fits in my schedule. I mix it up afternoons and on the weekend.


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