My newly adopted 3 y/o F Corgi (Winnie) is a pleasure to have; she is CORGI all the way (and as they always get around to saying here, BUT...she is a real tugger when on her leash walk.  She will try and drag me for a block or two before she poops; then she often settles down to a more sedate pace.

I'm suspicious that she's being driven by the need to go poop but it makes me AMBIVALENT about harsh leash training.  I had a trainer here one evening who used harsh and direct commands and had Winnie walking perfectly on a leash within 15 minutes///staying back from the fence without charging quickly BUT I felt that Winnie was more scared than trained.  So I relented and started using positive methods like Stilwell.  Now you can guess who's in charge!  

My previous Corgi was 8 when I adopted him (and ailing) so he was not a good example of  a strong-willed Corgi.....this one certainly IS!  

I know that Corgis need strong guidance and training.  I'm stopping every 6 inches or 6 feet to establish loose leash walking...(insert "LOL" here). I'm guessing that I still need to establish control but don't want to be always nagging and correcting.  I know that I need more help on keeping her from charging at unfamiliar dogs but I wonder if this pooping thing is ruining her daily walk.  I know dogs need to walk and walking leads to pooping BUT>>>>my Sheltie poops AM and PM before walks so it's not like pooping on the walk is inevitable or a canine civil right.  Should I "FORCE" my Corgi to poop (or explode) before we go on a walk (then reward her for doing it AT HOME.)???

Winnie is lovable, smart and cute as a button.  She is a perfect companion and I want her to be happy and secure here with me, the Sheltie and the Cat!  Any ideas would be very welcome!

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You should probably not associate the whole poop thing with the loose leash walking at all. Just because she has to go potty is no excuse for bad behavior. Franklin was HORRIBLE about loose leash walking and really the only method that worked (but took FOREVER to train) was the method it sounds like you are already using.....walk a few steps, if he pulls stop and wait for a loose leash again, then continue. I think she probably has just formed this habit of tugging like crazy and has gotten away with it so she needs you to teach her it is not ok. It will just take time and patience and there may need to be a bit of firm correcting every once in a while (but not the choke fest that some trainers seem to encourage). Just be patient and she will get it soon enough. My trainer used to say when you stop make the dog come to your knee and give them a treat, or you can do the quick direction changes as well. Walk straight and when she hits the end of the leash and starts pulling then quickly change directions. This makes her focus on you so she doesn't end up being tugged all over the place. I like that method a bit better because then at least I'm moving most of the time and not just standing around twiddling my thumbs! lol
omg, I have the exact same problem with Johann.  On walks, he TUGS relentlessly so that he can go get in somebody's yard... I always stop because I know he has to go, but he just decides that walking on the grass is more comfortable than the pavement sometimes LOL.  sometimes he actually does need to poop though and it's so hard to tell!!!  My boyfriend always tells me that I need to establish dominance but I'm more worried about Johann being able to relieve himself on his walk!  I'm going to be checking up on this thread for replies because I'm having the same problem.  Good luck with Winnie though!
I wouldn't try to force her to poop before a walk. Even if she does there's no guarantee that she won't poop again, Henry sometimes poops 3 times a walk, fun times! I would recommend taking an obedience class with her, it would be good bonding time and help her to learn to work with you as a team. What I do on walks is carry a treat pouch and if Luke walks next to me or looks up to me from a distraction he gets a treat. We've done this enough that he frequently offers the behavior to me now without having to get his attention first. It's certainly not 100% yet, but much better than he used to be. I would love to have a dog that walks perfectly next to me in a heel, but realistically the main purpose of our walks is to get out energy, so I do allow some sniffing and light tugging, just not ripping my arm off.


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