I am having a little issue with trying to figure out a working plan to walk the corgi when he is finally allowed in public places. (I'm waiting til he has all of his rounds of shots because I know the people near me do not vaccinate their dogs and I want to be safe(he gets access to a private backyard everyday don't worry he isn't constantly couped up))

Ok so point is, my boyfriend and I have a one year old mixed breed Border collie (what we were told) and well I walk her 5 miles in the morning my boyfriend walks her three miles at night. Does anyone have any advise as to how to accomplish walking our corgi, Boba (8 weeks 3 days), with her without putting too much strain on him?

I was thinking about a certain point turn back and return him to the house and continue to walk Winnie or just walk them at separate times? has anyone else had this issue before? My boyfriend and I work completely opposite schedules he works mornings while I work nights we are never available to both walk them at the same time unless we have the same day off then we do both go on her walks together. I don't mind two walks in the morning not sure about how my boyfriend feels about two walks at night but I like going out before the sun rises and just walking around meeting every dog on the block.

I do not wish for Winnie to be neglected on her time for him. I am just asking so I can hope to get another perspective and maybe another solution.

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Can you work out a loop so you do a shorter loop back to your home with Boba, then do the rest of the walk just with Winnie?  

Once Boba is vaccinated, put him in a baby sling after he has reached his walking limit?  My dad was unemployed when I was born and took a lot of long walks with me to kill time/get me to sleep and I did not like strollers.  He had an old, wide, leather bandolier (like for bullets, but I think it was an old costume piece) and would put me in it and then zip a jacket up over to keep me secure.  Depending on how tall you are, you might be able to work something like that out until Boba gets too big.

I've also seen folks with wagons - like, little red Radio Flyer wagons - walking an adult dog with a puppy or a very senior dog in the wagon.  The idea being that if the puppy or senior needed a break they could pop in the wagon until they were ready to walk some more.  Not sure whether you're in an urban area where everything is paved, or if you've got combo paved/unpaved - for combo you might need to add some suspension to the wheels.

That will work I actually have an old wagon from when I was a kid it won't be hard to get it in working order again. That or I can use the stroller I have from babysitting my friend's child. Haha once again an obvious answer eludes me. Thank you for your input! :)

First off, I would not wait until he has all his shots to take him places. Don't take him to the dog park, but walks around the neighborhood, visits with lots of people and vaccinated dogs are fine—and extremely important at that age.

At 8 weeks he doesn't really need to be walked necessarily. A few blocks is probably fine. Once he's older, is it possible for you to walk in a loop? So perhaps after a mile you could return to the house, drop Boba off and then continue on with your BC. My dogs would never tolerate sitting in a wagon or a baby stroller, but you could certainly try it.

I will try to take him with me on walks more often. I just get paranoid while I can afford treatments I would rather not have to see him sick he is due for his third round of shots in two or three weeks I have to look at the paperwork. But do not fret I take him with me during friendly social events at any of my friends houses where he gets to meet other dogs, that I know are vaccinated, usually excessively bigger than him and small children. barbecues poker night board games darts etc etc. Boba and Winnie go almost everywhere with me.


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