Hi, one of my puppies called Muffin has problem with her hind legs. They look a bit weak/not strong enough which is very apparent when she runs especially on slippery surface like marble floor. The hind legs keeps on slipping and when she sits the hind legs look a bit like a frog's leg T_T

Any body has encounter problems like this? I plan to bring the puppy to a vet and if she needs any help with the hind legs but any advice would be very much appreciated.


Angela :)

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Oh your corgi does that also? The other corgis that I have, when they sit, their hind legs facing the same direction as their face. But with Muffin, her hind legs actually face backwards just like when she sleeps. The others when they sleep their hind legs are facing backwards but not when they sit. That's why I thought there could be problem with Muffin's hind legs T_T

Thanks for sharing ^^
How old is your puppy? Finnigan had problems with his hind legs as well. At 8 weeks he was barley using them and wouldn't stand unless he had to. When he stood the legs were stiff rather than bending. When he walked he kept them stiff and swung them around in a circular motion. He could not stand on slippery surfaces at all. We were told this was not necessarily a sign of a problem and that some puppies took longer to develop strength in their hind legs. The example given to us was to think of a toddler and how loose their limbs are. They can bend in ways an adult cannot and even as they gain strength and begin walking, their legs tend to be kept stiff and swung around. The first thing we did when we got him was have him checked out by the vet. The vet said the tendons were loose and he most likely just needed to build up strength. We would make him stand while he ate (otherwise he's sit or lay down) and we would get him to walk in grass as it requires more work to walk on than pavement and so on. While a puppy is still developing it's best to keep them off slippery surfaces for extended periods of time as it can be bad for the hips and joints. Finnigan slowly gained strength and would bend his legs and move more quickly. Before long he was running and acting normal. The down side to this story is that at 8 months we had his hips x-rayed and the vet said he has some bad hips. I don't know whether or not this contributed to his walking problems in the beginning or not.
Muffin is almost 4 months now. When she was smaller she stands when she drinks and eats and she plays well with the others. Because they usually play outside in the garden where's it's grass and paving area the problems with the hind legs were not really apparent. But we're letting them come inside the house more often now and we noticed it.

Hopefully Muffin will be OK like Finnigan too ^^ we're taking her to the vet and maybe some X-ray can be done to make sure that everything is alrite.
She is still very young. I'm pretty sure when Finn was 4 months he was still having trouble walking on slippery surfaces. He'd be moving along then he'd slip into the splits and not be able to get his feet back under him. He is past that now. I hope all is well with her. Let me know what you find out from the vet.

Hi Angela,


I don't know if you can still see this post, I just found it. My 15 weeks old Corgi girl Sissi has the same hind leg problem like your Muffin. I am very worried and don't know what to do. Would you please tell me how is Muffin doing right now, did you do anything to help with the legs. Thank you so much.

Hi Ha Chuan, 

I haven't checked my page for ages and just found your reply. 

Muffin is actually doing fine now and she no longer sit like a frog =D

But I still can see that her hind legs are not as strong as the others (her sisters) which are very straight. 

But she's doing fine and the legs are not giving her any problems. 

I did give her extra dog vitamin which I bought from a breeder here. I think she imported them from USA. She said the vitamins will help with the hind legs and I guess it does help a bit :)


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