Today, as I was taking Charlie on a walk, he was sniffing a spot on the grass and all of a sudden a loud bark from the neighbors yard scared both him and I! Soon after the scare, he started limping on his front paw but then kinda shook it off. Towards the end of the walk, he was limping again after lifting his leg up to pee but then walked it off. 

I thought he could have stepped or tripped on something after being scared from the bark so when I took him home, I washed his paws, looked and found nothing. I did find something weird though which I don't think I had seen or payed attention before, it seemed like his paws are webbed together at the end? I don't really know how to explain it so I attached a picture.

I'm not really sure if it has anything to do with the incident today but I thought I would let you know and get some feedback. =]


Thank you in advance!


If anyone can't see the picture, here is a link,

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it looks to me like, at sometime it was spit and healed this way? How old is Charlie? Strange....
He is 11 months on the 14th of this month. I'm not sure whether or not to take him to the vet over this matter. He seems fine now though, running and playing. I only noticed him limping after he steps on it wrong or something like that.
I'm having a hard time trying to picture how this goes on his foot. Does he have one paw pad per nail, or is it like 2 paw pads are actually joined together at the base? OR does he have 1 nail that actually had 2 pads? This does look quite unusual, but it does not look like something new, looks like he was born that way, kind of like how some dogs have 2 dewclaws on one foot.
it's one paw pad per nail. The two middle paw pads are what you see. In other words, he has 4 nails, 4 paw pads with the two center ones attached like that. I think I may have confused you even more!!!
By the way...Can you see the picture I posted?
I understood that. That makes sense. I'm certainly no expert, but if that were my dog, and he seemed perfectly fine otherwise, I would probably just leave it be and make a reminder note to bring it to the vets attention the next time we went. It doesn't look urgent, but something the vet should be aware of to assess and offer advice on.

He is ok, he was limping earlier during our walk after a scare but he stopped limping after a while and ran around the house. When I was looking for a splinter, or cut I noticed this and he seemed uncomfortable when i tired to touch and feel it.

No one here is gonna know what's going on with your pup by reading your posts. You're obviously concerned. You should just take him to the vet.
ok. Thank you
I will in the morning, I will just monitor his today and see how he is doing. =]
Did you ever have Charlie's foot looked at by the vet? Ein started limping today (she's babying her left hind leg), and after inspecting both hind feet I noticed that her middle paw pads on both her hind feet are starting to grow together like this. I was wondering what ever came of Charlie's foot and limping. I'll be calling her vet tomorrow to try and get her in, cause she seems really uncomfortable.


I did take Charlie to the vet but by the time I took him he had stopped limping!!! I did bring it into the vets attention though and he did have a look. He said that if it does not bother him then it is not really a problem. How long has she been limping for?


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