I'd like to learn more about weeping eyes.  Is this related to eye problems that Corgi's can tend to have? 

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Hi Lisa,
What do you mean weepy eyes and at what age? What kind of eye problems do corgis tend to have?
Is this where their eyes water and they have a little water mark in their fur? If so then I need advice with that as well because my 4 month old corgi has that issue. I'm wondering if that's some bad or just natural for them?
If you com up with something let me know. We are fighting it with molly.
Thanks for your replies guys! I really don't know much - that's why I asked. I remember reading that one of few problems Corgi's can have is with the eyes - and can go blind, but it is rare. I read it in research years ago when deciding on a Corgi, but never pursued any details b/c it didn't really bother me. Emma [July 2007] had drainage from her eyes almost as long as we've had her at 11 weeks. It started as more of a "sleepy" in her eye and I'd just wipe it out daily. Now over the course of her 2 years+ with us, she seems to have it regularly to the point that I couldn't keep after it - like it was always draining. She never has been ill over it - sad, feverish, or otherwise - so I just took it as normal for her. Vet was not concerned either.
Tucker is 10 months old and he does not have any drainage issues. With this wonderful website, and my curiosity, just thought I'd generate some discussion on the topic! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experience!
I have one whose eyes never weep and one whose weep pretty regularly. Jack spontaneously developed weepy eyes at around the age of two. The vet was not concerned. He does not paw at them, rub them on things, blink or squint. I'm pretty sure it's just allergies.
Finn always gets eye boogies and always has. Our vet says it is allergy related and gave us drops to administer once daily as needed. Finn's eyes are also redish half the time so allergies seem a likely cause. It never seems to bother him though. We just wipe his eyes when needed. My Mom's vet (she has a Cardi too) said that it is due to the droopiness of the eyes and that the droopier the eye, the more dirt, dust etc will collect in them. He said it's not a problem and to just wipe them when you notice it to make sure the duct doesn't become clogged. As far as allergies go, it may be environmental or it could be caused by a food allergy such as grains. You can try switching foods and see if it goes away.
Gosh, me too -- my older boy Bertie's eyes are dry as can be, but little Ethel (who's now 2) has had weepy eyes since I've had her. It seems be allergies as far as I can tell -- I recently had work done in my house, and the dust seemed to make it worse. She doesn't seem bothered by it, doesn't scratch or seem to notice it all, and the vet wasn't concerned either (no infection, etc.). So I just wipe them down in the morning and off we go!
Count us in...Tod (he is almost 2) has developed the same condition. It's been going on for a few weeks now. The vet said not to worry and gave him drops. This is how it looks like. I don't like it:) But it doesn't seem to bother Tod.
That's how Jack's are too! Usually just one at a time, but not always the same one and sometimes both. It's worse in the height of summer but even now he gets that every day. It bothers me more than it bothers him.
Gwynn used to get this a lot, but not for years now. We treated it successfully with hot compresses, as hot as the dog will tolerate. If you heat a wet rag in the microwave, be extremely careful, test it on yourself, the microwave can create extremely hot spots. I think it's a clogged tear duct.
it's a clogged tear duct.

that's what the vet said.....I have hard time grasping the whole concept...gotta go google:)
Thank you! I'm going for Emma's hot compress right now!


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