I am new to Cardis....I have had Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1986.  Teegan weighs in at 19.6 lbs and I am wondering if we are on target weight-wise.  Her breeder doesn't weigh pups so he didn't satisfy my curiosity.  At her first vet visit to get the last of her puppy series of vax she weighed in at 15.4 on 3/2/11.  Today she was 19.6 3/24/11.


Thank you for any suggestions or help



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I think puppies usually grow about a pound a week, but it really depends a lot on the individual dog. It is better in the long run to have her growing slowly rather than quickly though. I can't recall exactly how much Luke weighed at that age, but he pretty much followed the pound per week idea. He's about 26 lbs now at ~9.5 months but he still has a lot of filling out to do.
Thank you, Jane.  That was helpful.  So we are just about on track then.
I second what Jane said.  I have two cardis and both gained about a pound/week through their rapid growth months.  Interestingly, their weights also kind of matched their age (in weeks) for a while. How many weeks is Teegan?

thank you, Elizabeth.  Teegan is 19 weeks so I guess we are right on target at 19 lbs.



Wow, that's cool. Yes, I think she's right on track. :)
Ginger's weight is always sporadic when we go to the vet.  When she got spayed at 6 months she weighed in at 16 pounds.  A week later for her follow up she was at 21 pounds (too many treats to keep her calm I guess...I know, bad mommy!).  But then when we took her back a month or so ago for a tooth problem at 8 months old she was still at the 21 pounds.  Took her back for a follow up a couple of weeks later and she was at 28 pounds.  I think their scale is broken.  But long story short, I think you Cardi is just fine :)

Thank you...you are right - your vet needs a new scale.  My husband got on the scale before and after holding Teegan and got a correct weight on our digital scale.  If you can lift your Ginger, you might try that.



check out Joanna Kimball's blog (cardi breeder)  "Ruffly Speaking".  Shepdog has great photos of her two.

I was curious about this also.  I have a non-neutered male that is almost 6 months old and weighs in at 19 lbs. I definitely can see  the waist line and he seems long in body length to me..

I still have him on puppy Science Diet.. Should I  wean him off to adult food?

My 8 yr old spayed female weighs around 30lbs which seems to be the weight she stays at.Once in a while she gets to 28lbs, but not so much now.

I can feel her ribs, but its sometimes hard to tell visibility since she is a fluffy Corgi.

His weight sounds fine to me. You could probably change him to an adult food now, but I personally would probably go with an all life stages formula.

Our Shophie (pembroke) is 17 weeks today and only weighs 10.6#.  I dont need to be worried that she is so lite for her age do I?  She eats good, and we walk her alot.  I suppose all dogs are different and maybe she is just going to be petit

Do you know the breeder??  I would think they could give you an idea  of the size of Shophie..

I just wrote my breeder to find out the size of his parents..


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