How much does your Corgi weigh? Mine is pushing 30 at 9 months. He's always been a big boy though. Today I started him on the Healthy Weight Blue Buffalo.

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i think he looks fine! My panzer at a year old was 35 lbs and stayed very muscular because of being on the farm.

Tobi is already 16 pounds at 4 months. He's not a chunky guy, but he has a little bit of stock to him, as well as a prominent chest like his father's. He's already getting long, and the vet said he'll likely hit the 35 lb mark when full grown. He's gonna be my big boy! <3

Puppies usually grow around a pound per week so I wouldn't say he'll be oversized necessarily.

Juno 6months at 16pounds

Tomahawk is about 27.5 lbs right now at 10 months, but I think he may need to lose a pound or two just to be safe. He hit 29 lbs at 8months so I cut back his TOTW by a third cup and added 10 min to his walks and it has seemed to slim him down.

We have a Cardigan/Blue Heeler mix and he's a good weight at 35 lbs.  With yours being mixed with lab, you'll find she weighs a bit more.  But normally a Pembroke with weigh in around 25 lbs. and a Cardigan between 30-35 lbs.

Sidney is five years old and 32 pounds. He's at the upper limit of where he should be, trying not to contribute to any weight gain!

Bandit is 11 3/4" and our agility instructor wants to keep him at 28lbs.  He looks fine at that weight.  Because of the 3/4" he has to jump 12" instead of 8" at AKC, so we need to keep his weight down.


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