Switching from wellness super 5 mix (chichen) to core now that Tucker is well over a year. Just wondering which you/your dog prefers - Ocean or Original? I've never fed Tucker a fish based food or treat - but maybe he'd love it. Is protein from fish comparable to protein derived from poultry?

Wish they had samples available.


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I think you can request samples from Wellness, which I did months ago. Ein liked original better than ocean, if I remember correctly.
Thanks Aj! I didn't see anything on the website about samples so I figured they didn't have them. I called and they were happy to send them. That makes it easier- Tuck can choose which he likes best. :)
Soffie & Griffyn love Wellness. They're on Core Reduced fat formula. But I think all the Wellness choices are great! So, if you're getting samples then I'd definintely say let Tuck make his choice!!
Fish protien and Poutry protien are pretty comparable as far as spectrum of amino acids go, as long as the dog eats it it will likely be just as beneficial. The fish based may also have more omega in it to keep a nice shiny coat. Loki doesn't do well on the core food as it has a high potato content (any potato is diagreeable with him) and it gave him the worst smell poop ever, and the mess on him.. ick. He was fine for day 1 and 2, but man day 3 was a shocker. (while transitioning him ofcourse). Forgot to mention fowl also gives Loki the trots, little guy is internally picky..
Thanks for the information - I don't like fish myself so I am not very knowledgable about it!

Hopefully Tucker doesn't have the same messy reaction to it - ugh! Guess that is the risk we take when we try a new food. I will transition slooowly.
Haven't tried the Ocean formula yet, we've been alternating the core original and blue buffalo this year.
We got the Wellness Core samples this morning. I arranged a taste test and the results indicate that Tucker wishes I'd let him eat anything and everything he pleases and just be a big fatso and roll around the house. I made one little pile of each food and he devoured them both with equal passion, then licked the floor for any leftover flavor and tried to get his nose in the tiny slits I cut in the sample bags to get just a bit more. This was after breakfast! When I took the rest away he gave me his best corgi stare hoping I'd take pity on his poor deprived starving self and give him just a few more pieces of kibble.

I think I will give him the original simply because I don't love the fishy smell of the Ocean flavor. He definitely likes both core flavors better than his regular wellness food.

Do I feed less with grain free?
My dog loved the ocean one. It smelled like seaweed to me, not great for my nose but Miranda loved it. And that says something because she hates dog food. She sees no real reason why I can eat what ever I want and she has to eat kibble. I would try the ocean. And if you check the website, a lot of times they will have coupons you can print out or they will even send you a small bag to try in the mail. They were doing it last year. There is a nice specialty store near me and they give me free samples of the different foods to try. If nothing else Miranda thinks it is a cookie, but if I find something good I save the wrapper.
We feed the kids the original formula and they love it - didn't get that same excited reaction with the ocean. If there is a sale I get some of the ocean canned food and mix a spoonful in twice a day which gives them a great treat. They love it! Which is funny since they didn't like the dry ocean lol. maybe its the mix of original and wet ocean hahahha.
Sidney really liked the Core Ocean, but we switched back to regular Wellness when it was looking like he was going to be a Therapy dog instead of an Agility dog. Core is for really active dogs, or so I've heard.


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