Baron has resolved to stop eating the floor..   lol

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Teddy has resolved to stop herding the cat but I'm not holding my breath.

Yeah, that didn't last that long. :)

Milly is going to try to stop tipping his water dish over & Daisy promises to come out of her shell more:)))

Lilly says she'll stope eating poop (right) and Brody will stop incessantly licking his paws (again right)  less begging, less barking (but not holding my breath)

Franklin has resolved to actually catch a squirrel before it gets up the tree, make the ducks on the river take him seriously instead of just looking at him and quacking when he tries to herd them around the beach, and to not insist on standing on me with his face 1 inch from mine at the crack of dawn when he thinks its time for me to get up and feed him breakfast (this one took a little convincing to get him to agree to)

oh, and he has resolved not to break any bones this year! Two bones in 2 years is quite enough!

Baron is impressed with all the resolutions.

Chewey resolves to make no resolutions, with the exception of trying to figure out how to get more treats out of us.

Katie & Jack resolve to quit eating the wheels off my husbands suitcase and to quit going thru his duffle bags (looking for the handgun..the holster was delicious)....

Seanna said she doesn't believe in New Year's Resolutions.  I tried to convince her they work, but she's not falling for it.  She knows she's weak and can't stay true to what she knows is the right thing to do.  (Like listen to me).

Jackson says his is to become braver and braver every day.  He's already met the goal of attacking the vacuum.

Sage's goal is to not be so psychotic.  She said she's going to stop eating everything when we leave.  I'm not hopeful.

hahahah your dogs are awesome... Jennifer!

Snickers resolves to take life one day at a time and get the biscuits!  All the biscuits. And Puparoni's and kibble and fruit....

She also plans to take me on more walks, and improve my throwing arm. She thinks I should get in better shape, in fact she is willing to eat all my food so I can lose weight.

Dolly does not think there is any room for improvement in her life- She is such a happy little girl. (Snickers thinks that is a function of her dim wit- things could always be better!)


Chepstow already thinks he is his resolution is to be more perfecter?  I personally think he should stop hogging my pllow at night.

Now Tenby is one wild and crazy corgi.  His resolutions are easy!

1.Continue to embarrass my brother whenever I can

2. Stare at his food bowl when he is still eating, he whines to mom. 

3.Take his cookies when he can't catch them, again he whines to mom and dad.

4. But my best idea is to run out the doggy door so when it swings back it hits him in the head, that is so funny,


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