I'd like to know if anyone here could tell me what breed is featured on this bag of dog food. I saw this product at my local pet store and the dogs caught my eye. At first I thought, small breed, erect ears, kinda fluffy, maybe a Papillon? But the colouring and head shape seems a bit off.

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Yep :)!
Ok, so nut that I am, I actually e-mailed Eukanuba and asked. :)

They confirm they are Papillons! I did not ask them about the photoshopped ears. LOL

On a side note, I was very impressed; I e-mailed them last night and heard back from them by 11am this morning, and the answer included some nice info about Papillons. I love them, by the way, and though I don't care for small dogs in general, if I was ever in a living situation where dog size was strictly enforced, they are one of the only toy breeds I might consider.

Wow, that's a great response time. And thank you so much for e-mailing them! I thought about it but I was pretty lazy. And yeah, Papillons are easily the only small breed I'd ever consider for myself. I heard they're extremely intelligent and do well in dog sports.


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