Since we started taking Jerry to the dog park a few weeks ago, I have been really pleased with his behavior, learning ability, social strides and, frankly, he is recall training haha.

The dog park that is down the street from our house is very low key (so far) and frequented by a wide age range of dogs who all seem pretty tolerant of Jerry's young age and style of play.  I've been getting so many funny statements from the other dog owners who enjoy Jerry's energy.

"We like Jerry. He gets everyone up and moving.  He's the organizer!"

"Oh look, Jerry's here, Ella.  Time to exercise!"

"Jerry doesn't want them to play over there I guess."

I want to start calling him Coach Jerry.  Don't even get me started on when another corgi puppy showed up and then ran around the entire group of dogs in two, fast-moving circles.

What funny things have others said about your corgis during play or socialization?  The herding traits crack me UP.  Especially when they're still such floppy, uncoordinated pups.

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Most people who don't have corgis comment about how their high energy level. I've noticed while out on walks with Eevee that she comes off as dominant, and some other dogs (even HUGE dogs like great danes) don't really care for her bossiness. If the dogs are okay with each other and let the alpha attitude slide, they usually have a lot of fun running around together.

I want to find a referee jersey for Wally.   Cause that's what he'll do during play time with others.   Bet I can find one on Ebay...   :)

My friends call Roxi the "No Fun Police". The moment the other dogs start getting too rowdy (having loud fun) she has to get in there and break it up haha.

haha, Jeff gets called this too! He gets into everyone's business, even if he is way on the other side of the park!

Im so happy to hear it's not just Roxi! Everyone else's corgis seem to just want to have fun but Roxi wants to make sure everything is in order.

Most people I know who have rescues, they're always telling me how thrilled they are when they see me walking Dodger. Most of those dogs have never engaged in any kind of play, but for some magical reason he's the only one they want to play with and socialize with. It's the sweetest thing. People also say how lively and energetic he is and how he keeps their dogs motivated to play and have fun.

I love that!  There's an old-lady Scotty at our park who Jerry always gets up and moving.  She had a pulled muscle in one of her legs so she usually ends up just sitting around.  But Jerry gets her to play a little bit.  There was also a shy puppy that he egged into a park-wide chase game, lol.

Awe that's adorable! You'll have to post more pictures of them playing and stuff. I can also do some searching and see if I can't find you a referee outfit for Jerry. There's another corgi where we live and he's always really dog aggressive towards other dogs, but the minute he sees Dodger it's like a totally different dog. It's amazing how much corgis (dog in general) can change other dogs and people around them.

Our Corgi is known as "the hugger" around the block. She's super friendly and loves to jump up and stand on her hind legs to greet bigger and taller dogs, so they end up embracing in a big "hug." One very candid child who was riding past us on his bike summarized it up quite well, saying, "I love Corgis...they're so happy!" =)

The other day someone called Jeff "anti-social" at the dog park. This coming from a human who just wanted to sit and pet all the dogs there. Jeff is not one to sit and be petted by someone! Especially if there are dogs around to herd! 

He gets called aggressive or loud, because he is so vocal! I always have to reassure people at the park that he is just a talker, and that he isn't being mean! Playtime means nonstop barking for Jeff :) 

people often call my corgi a sausage, or random strangers sometimes ask "aren't those the dogs rich people have?".

Most of the time, it's either one of these:

"Yay Bella/Rover, your best friend Loki is here!"


"Uh oh, Loki's here. Time to leave the park."

Loki plays hard. Some dogs love it, others ... not so much.


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