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Nature's Domain from Costco.  Usually get the different kinds from there, but that is the current one right now.  Sweet Potato and Salmon.

I feed Tipper Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Duck daily and to keep things from getting boring, I feed her a diversified menu of sardines, chicken, turkey and beef three or four times a week (she's fed twice daily), plus cooked egg yolks and sweet potato every two weeks or so. Her fur is really soft and shiny, her stool is solid, she has tons of energy and a clean bill of health from the vet so I can only assume that it's working for her.

I used to mix a little Organix canned wet food in with her dry food but now I'd much rather mix in a little sardines or chicken. 

Twice a day - 1/2 cup dry dog food, 1-2 tablespoon of wet or 2 tablespoon of additional dry if we are out of wet.  Add enough water to make fairly soupy.  Vet said she was a little dehydrated, so I figure for sure she'll drink down the water with her food.

I feed my little girl Wellness small breed just for puppy. Yeah its expensive, but my manager joked that the quality is so good you could pour milk on it and eat it yourself and thrive haha. No corn ever and only real meats for my gal. I don't mind paying five or ten extra bucks to give my furkids the best.

right now emi is getting wellness just for puppy for large breeds, and when shes older she will be on wellness core! i also feed my cats wellness core, and i just really trust this brand. wellness core also has a 6 star premium food rating on, so whats not to love! it is a little hefty on the wallet, but i always want my babies to have the best (: eventually, id like to incorporate other things in her diet that are good for her, but since im a new dog owner, i still have lots to learn! 

Food Recall! 
Thought you might be interested in this email message I just received from PetFlow this week! 
ello from PetFlow!
This week, Diamond Foods, the manufacturer of several popular brands  
of food has issued a voluntary recall of several lines of product.  
We posted the full details of the recall as well as ways to identify  
if you are in possession of recalled products at our blog. You can  
to see the full details.
The products involved are the following:
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Premium Edge
Taste of the Wild
Natural Balance
Wellness (Large Breed Puppy ONLY)
For full details please Click
If you are in possession of any recalled products, please  
discontinue feeding them to your pets, and you may contact each  
respective company to obtain a full refund/replacement. If you have  
any questions, please let us know.
Love your pets!

omg i think i just had a heart attack T_________T

I feed her meatloaf sometimes!

My mom and I have Lily and Ein on the same food.

We buy Canidae All Stages at our local small business pet food store. (we also have two min pins that are 8 and 7, the corgis are 

In the mornings, we get a scoop of vanilla yogurt put into each bowl of dry dog food. The yogurt helps with urinary tract infections. In the evenings, my mom will water down the food, and we divide up a can of sardines and mix it in there food.

They get carrots as treats. We also give them rawhides to chew. We used to give antlers and pigs ears, but Ein winded up getting a splinter of it stuck in his throat. Not a happy event. 

We have checked with our retailer and our bag was not part of the canidae recall. We have also been informed that canidae will be making there food at there facility in austin, texas. Not in the diamond foods facility.

Although our retailer had all 5 of her dogs effected by the recall, she purchased Taste of the Wild.

Some of the SYMPTOMS include anxiety, bloating of the stomach, sometimes the stomach became hard, diarrhea or throwing up.    PLEASE USE CAUTION WITH THE FOOD RECALL!! Any dogs effected need to be taken to their local vet immediately!

I hope this helps!

I feed my Corgi, Carson, Science Diet Small Bites. First dog food we have tried and it seems to be great. But we are looking into others to see if there are better ones for him out there. 

Pippa and Dante get Innova small bites dry, with Blue Buffalo Blue's Stew wet mixed in. I'm strongly considering changing the dry to Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Innova Prime, or Nature's Variety Instinct. i just haven't made up my mind on which one...


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